Sunday, 18 April 2010

A wonderful white weekend (and I'm not referring to the ash...)

I was so surprised and delighted when the LAB arrived home with these: they were wrapped absolutely beautifully in tissue and cellophane with a bubble of water and yards of ribbon! Sorry, I had ripped it off before thinking to capture the wonderful image!

He is very well trained - white only thank you! This was so special because every single stem was absolutely at the peak of perfection, fresh and tightly in bud....white lilies, an assortment of other white beauties whose names I have no idea of and a clutch of creamy white stocks.
Receiving the lilies and stocks together in the same bunch brought back so many lovely memories...when we were 'courting' (do people actually do that any more???) I was living in an apartment in Sydney which had a lobby where visitors could ring the bell and be let in by the occupant of the apartment. Beyond the lobby was a glass door, where you would meet your visitors. We had a very good 'quid pro quo' arrangement when it came to dinner - he would book tables in Sydney's best restaurants and I would reciprocate with home cooking! I thought I had the better part of the bargain but if you asked him, I think he'd disagree (as he was living in a bachelor pad at the time devoid of any domestic paraphernalia).
I can't remember a time he came over when I didn't find him at the glass door with a massive bunch of white lilies in one hand and an expensive bottle of bubbly in the other - sheer out and out spoiling (or was it wooing?? Do they still do that as well???) Anyway, I'm still here....and he still brings the lilies - oh joy!
As for the stocks - when I had my gorgeous girl - twenty years ago next week - it was still considered that a new mother should be rewarded with a week of relaxation after the hard work of labour (not like today where they send you home in time to cook dinner). I spent a week in what seemed at the time to be a cross between a five star hotel and a spa....breakfast, lunch & dinner at civilised times, babies removed to the nursery and visitors strictly rationed. The weather was very similar to the weather we have been having in the UK this week; a sudden onset of the most glorious spring, mild, warm and sunny with blue skies and perfect for a holiday! The husband of one of the other 'inmates' had brought her a huge bunch of cream stocks to celebrate their new arrival and the scent of them wafted through the whole place. Spring had sprung, we all had beautiful new babies and the air was scented with the most delicious perfume I think I had ever experienced.
As I walk past the table in the hall the combination of the two fills me with nostalgia......hope you all had a beautiful weekend, volcanic ash permitting.......s


  1. Oh Susie...I can smell those flowers and I am feeling that your LAB is a very special man indeed! Sweet and romantic is what it sounds to me.

    I smile at your comment about having babies in Sydney. Two of mine were in the USA and the other two were in Sydney. Hands down that was the place to be! Five days of bliss compared to two days of 'keep em moving'!
    Lilies, stock and and my absolute favourite which brings Sydney back to me no matter where I am...tuberoses.

    White, white and more white...nothing more elegant. I imagine LAB things the same about you!

    Best wishes for a great week!

    Jeanne xo

  2. I just love this post Susie. I'm with you all the way on white flowers. These are particularly beautiful. Your LAB sounds absolutely gorgeous. What treasure you've found in each other. Sounds like you had a very glamorous courtship.

    I've had my babies at North Shore Private in Sydney...they had to prise my hands off the bedhead to get me out after five days of luxury. You can ring the cafe downstairs and they'll send up a cappucino and mud cake upon request! Almost worth having another baby, just for the experience....almost:)

    Hope you have a great week, Meredy xo.

  3. A lovely bouquet. I too, have a great fondness of white only flower bouquets. Once in a while, I sneek in a pink one. But white is always the best!

  4. How beautiful Susie - so love this post.... isn't it great that fragrance brings back so memories... and love white flowers so much.... And yes, what happened to that wonderful time of relaxing a little after producing a babe?!

  5. Susie!! What a beautiful post...
    I can just feel the love!! Your man must be very special.. and I think what I love most is the fact he knows your favourites and that they bring back such special memories for you!! You know I wonder if new mothers still get the 5 day treatment!! perhaps not unless you book into a special facility catering to this... I just can't imagine what it must be like for new mothers to try and do it all after 1 day!!! A good friend just had her first baby.. and at home... so there was not help at all.. brave girl!!

    So I was wondering if you could send me your email address.. [if your reply via this comment I should get it] I have a little surprise for you!!! Take care.. xxx julie

  6. Hi Julie - now I'm very curious! My e-mail is your friend is enjoying her new bub (and hopefully someone is hanging out the washing for her!!!)
    Jeanne, SE & Meredy - thank you so much for all your lovely comments! Hope you are having a happy week...
    FGH - Thank you for stopping by - always good to see new faces (so to speak!)

  7. mmmm ..... stocks. Is there anything more delicious than these divine flowers - they're so old fashioned and smell so good! Leigh

  8. When I worked at the florest, I had two favorites. One an all white arrangement the other Oceana roses (pale flesh color)
    I love stocks and white Lilac, Your flowers
    are wonderful, enjoy. yvonne