Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Snowdrop time....again....and a new mantra....

I just cannot believe I haven't spoken to you all for so long...the snowdrops are up, the first early daffodils are making a timid appearance (hopefully there won't be an avalanche of snow any day now crushing their fragile yellow heads, as so often happens to these delicate little spring blossoms)....the garden is a carpet of white with the promise of Spring on the way...Meanwhile, up in my prison cell, I mean study, work continues apace...

I tell myself this every day - as I struggle to find a few hundred more words to complete another essay:

Even though it's been tough on the grey matter (getting it working again, that is!!) there's also a great sense of satisfaction....my GG is still here from Sydney - I was hoping for some essay writing tips but she doesn't seem too keen to help....Strange......She keeps telling me that she has her own essays to write when she gets back to Aus in a couple of weeks...I think it's more about the little 'affaire de la coeur' she has embarked upon while she's been here myself..... Ah well, you're only 21 once and if you can't embrace youth, life and love now, when can you?
The newlyweds are not so newlywed and my little grandson celebrated his third birthday last weekend complete with a smartie chocolate cake and a village hall full of his friends.....All in all, a busy start to the year...
Half term next week seems very appealing - 'normal' life may return for a fleeting visit before I glance in horror at the assessment deadline calendar once more..
Meanwhile, I plan to join a friend for a trip to Cardiff, the shopping capital of Wales tomorrow to remind myself that there is life beyond the keyboard!
Look forward to catching up with you all & do hope all is well in your world............s


  1. So happy to hear from you Susie!! A little 'affaire de la coeur'...now, that sounds interesting :) Glad you are getting out tomorrow. A little retail therapy sounds perfect!

    Best wishes Susie, we miss you around the blogosphere.

    Jeanne xx

  2. Susie,

    You have been missed - I look forward to your return. Rita

  3. Dear Susie, hope you are alright. It's April
    and no Susie. Missing you Kiddo.


  4. missing you Suzie. Hope all is well. It's getting
    to be spring there are tiny leaves on my lilacs,