Monday, 2 May 2011

Happy for Wills.....

All the superlatives have been used up....we now know every incy wincy detail about the dress (the seamstresses had to wash their hands every 30 minutes and use new needles every three hours to keep the lace clean).....we know what they ate (cornish crab, Castle of Mey lamb and Highgrove vegetables) many tiers the cake had (8).......

We've pored over the column inches, admired the best dressed for their style and sophistication in their choice of outfit, smiled with a small degree of satisfaction that for some, no amount of money can make them chic (you know who you are - lady with the pretzel on her head and the two who got the fabric for their ensembles from - just proving what our mothers used to tell us - that it's not about how much you spend, it's about how creative you are with what you've got.....and talking of mothers, for me as the mother of a son the same age as William, the overriding joy of the day was seeing this devastated little boy who had just lost his beloved mum.....

emerge from the doors of Westminster Abbey with this gorgeous girl on his arm and the prospect of his own warm, loving and close knit family.........

Just what Mum would have wanted........Good Luck Wills & Kate - may your life together be blessed with laughter, fun, health and happiness...........s


  1. Dear Suzi, Have have you been. I watched this beautiful wedding. Just Love them both.

  2. So well said Susie, it was such a wonderful occasion. So touching, I thought of Diana the whole way thru, she would have been just beaming with delight, as we as we all were. I went into London the day before after reading your last post , thanks for the inspiration!

    Jeanne xxx

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