Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A Hammock in the shade of a palm tree....

is where I would quite like to be right now...yes I know I just got back from Sydney and I did stop en route for a day of total 'me' time but as all you busy Mums out there know, it doesn't take long before it feels as if you have never been away!

It's been ages since I managed to update you with my news so here I am...back in the depths of the countryside and happy to be home. However, I'm not so happy that my GG has had to finish the university semester early and join me because she has been suffering (badly) from the after effects of glandular fever. It's truly debilitating and is really taking it's toll on her health. It was wonderful spending a few weeks in Sydney and having the opportunity to see her perform brilliantly well in the College play but I don't really know how she managed it - the effects of glandular are well documented and can take literally months (with lots of TLC) to dissipate.

The recommendation from all the medics is 'take it easy' - all the rest in the world doesn't seem to be making a whole lot of difference so homeopathy here we come.....(thanks Jeanne, I think it's the only option when you're exhausted from all the Doctor's visits)

Any suggestions gladly received! Meanwhile, I shall continue to languish in my imaginary hammock whilst running up and down three flights of stairs with quantities of vitamins, bowls of fruit and juice and hope for a speedy recovery! Hope all is well with all of you - I have been checking in to see what you've all been up to - apologies for the lack of news from the M.H - will try to do better!


  1. Hi Susie
    I was just thinking about you and wondering how your GG is getting along. Trust me I remember that feeling well..just as exhausting for Mom as it is for the patient. I forgot to mention having a ready supply of DVD's too. I wish I lived around the corner as I would be at your doorstep with all sorts of things...

    In the meantime, enjoy the imaginary swing in the hammock, better yet you may want to check into the ready made ones on a stand. We had one an it is was great. It can go anywhere you like, rain or shine. You will be singing island tunes in no time!!

    Take care...

    jeanne :)

  2. Susie, this looks like a place I rented in the Florida keys. Beautiful. I'd love to go there this winter. The Doctors wear you out making appointments 2 month's in advance, all of a sudden you are overloaded with appointments.
    I hate to go to the hospital they run every
    test known to man. It's over kill.


  3. Oh Susie,
    Your poor daughter. I hope that she is back to full health as quickly as possible. It really is an illness that can take a while to get over. She has a wonderful mum to see her through it but, take care of yourself too, Susie.
    Don't worry about commenting. I think that your daughter comes way above that !!
    Take care Susie and best wishes to your daughter. XXXX

  4. Hi Susie - v. pleased to see that you are back safely but so sorry to hear that your daughter is unwell - always so hard ... thinking of you - keep thinking of the palm trees and beach ! x

  5. HI Susie
    Sorry.. thought I had already commented on this one.. silly me!!

    Hope your daughter is feeling better.. sending you an email!!

    Take care.. xxx Julie

  6. Hi Susie from another Susie,
    At the risk of sounding like a negative nanny please watch this glandular fever as it can re-occur when she is under stress. I had it 3 times and ended up with Fibromyalgia when older and so it pays to really try and knock it on the head asap which I know you are trying to do. I would try a really good naturopath and mention these concerns, all the best Love Susie

  7. Hi Susie,

    Hope your GG is getting better under your tender care. Glandular fever is just awful and from what I've heard and read, can take quite some time to recover from. Poor thing:( Times like these, I agree with you, naturopathy and/or homeopathy can often provide the best solutions. Let me know how you're going, in the meantime, I'll be hoping and praying for a speedy recovery. Meredy xo.