Thursday, 20 May 2010

Birds at Balmoral...

Today my GG and I took a little trip to Balmoral and had lunch at the Bathers Pavilion, an iconic Sydney this time of the year, it's not crowded, parking isn't too difficult and the views are fabulous...As we were walking in, I spotted several of these sulphur crested cockatoos making light work of a whole section of the garden outside the restaurant. I know they are destructive & noisy creatures, wreak havoc in gardens and are unwelcome visitors in lots of places but I can't help having a soft spot for them. I remember when we first moved to Sydney and I saw these for the first time in their natural was amazing...their raucous cry is a familiar Sydney sound and one which is so at odds with the soft sounds of the birds in an English garden.

This was the view out towards Sydney heads - the water looked so inviting and I was reminded of so many picnics on this and chips from the 'Bottom of the Harbour' accompanied by a bottle of icy cold bubbly....

My time in Sydney is coming to an end and the familiar feelings of uncertainty are beginning to stir in my mind - I am going home but leaving a place which is just as much home to me and where I could happily stay a while longer. I am reminded of a wonderful post by Vicki Archer at French Essence when she returned to France after a visit to her native Australia...I think it may have been called 'Home & Away' and totally sums up my feelings at the moment. It seemed impossible to me today, looking out on the still clear water of Balmoral Beach that this was not my home; I wouldn't be driving up the highway and in through the familiar gates but instead, the task of getting organised for another long flight back to an old Mill House in the heart of England's countryside awaited........s


  1. Dear Susie
    Well I can understand your feeling of uncertainty.. of feeling pulled between two places.. it must be difficult.. although wonderful you have two places to call home... I'm sure you will miss your daughter also..

    Well your pictures are gorgeous.. and as you know I love those cockatoos!!! if you get a chance before you go home can you drop me a line [email].. xxx Julie

  2. Susie...I know it well, fish and chips at the 'Bottom of the Harbour'. Our favourite place to stop at the end of a chilly school day. Nothing like hot chips for the ride home. I hope you had a chance to stop in for coffee or hot chocolate at Bathers:)

    I feel for you, I know that feeling and when you are back home in England and see the sun shining and your garden in all it's spring will remember one of the reasons why you came back ( at least, I hope so).

    It is just stunning this time of year. I am in awe of an spring in England. I have never experienced anything like it.
    Safe travels and enjoy the rest of you time with your GG.

    Jeanne xx

  3. Oh Susie how well I know these feelings -thinking of you... and have a safe journey back to England. Love the photos. I was captivated by the cockatoos aswell - they always look so comical too. What a gorgeous place you and your GG went to - love it.x

  4. Hello, I remember that post on French Essence. Vicki has a gift for summing up complex emotions perfectly. As a long term resident of Sydney, Spring in England sounds perfect to me. I do love the cockatoos as well. Safe travels. xx

  5. Will you be returning? If not that would be sad. Think of how exciting it will be setting up a new house hold.. I bet Mill House is beautiful too. Take home a Bird..LOL


  6. Very mixed emotions coming through in this post Susie - but just remember you can have the best of both worlds.
    Millie ^_^