Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A (big) surprise for my GG...

In case you've been wondering why things at the M.H have been a bit quiet of late I can now reveal that's because I was busy making plans and travelling here:

to surprise my G.G for her birthday on Thursday & boy, was she surprised! I hadn't told her I was coming and after arriving in Sydney on Sunday afternoon I thought I would send her a casual text on Monday morning and ask where she was....she said she was in her room at Sydney Uni so I hastily drove over, parked up and made my way to her room, knocked on the door and......well, I can tell you it wasn't me she was expecting to see when she opened it. Tears all round, lots of hugs and a wonderful reunion was had by all. She will be 20 on Thursday so I have made a reservation at one of Sydney's best restaurants and all I need to do now is get over the jetlag enough to enjoy it. Yesterday I was running on adrenalin but today the zombie like state has kicked in and I'm not quite sure if it's breakfast time or time for bed...but never mind, I'm so happy to be here and able to celebrate her birthday, watch her perform in the College play and, as a small bonus, it's Mothers Day here on Sunday! Will keep you posted!..........s


  1. You lucky girls!!! Both of you, have a fabulous time.
    I have a feeling I do not need to say that to you!!
    You seem to be a woman that knows instinctively how to do that!
    Send my regards to Sydney :)

    Jeanne xo

  2. Dear Susie
    I'm so happy for both you and your daughter... What a wonderful surprise she must have had.. I'm sure this will be a wonderful week for both of you.. and the weather's holding up ok...

    Happy birthday to your daughter for thursday and happy mother's day for you!! Hope the jet lag eases up...ciao xx Julie

  3. That's heart-warming, and a lovely surprise for her. I hope you have a great time together.

  4. Oh Susie I am so very happy for you both and I was in tears of joy reading this - how wonderful.... so that answers my next question about did you want to meet up next Monday at Inner Yard for lunch!! Ha Ha!! Enjoy your time there - how long? I am winging my way back to Oz next Wednesday. xx

  5. What a divine thing to do aren't you a fab mother. Have a great time, xox

  6. Susie,
    What a fun trip for you and a wonderful surprise for GG. I'm sure it was a great visit with lots of perfect moments to celebrate. Ria

  7. Gosh Susie, you must have one very excited daughter on your hands at the moment! Enjoy a superb Mother's Day tomorrow, I'm sure it will be memorable.
    Millie ^_^

  8. Hi Susie
    just back to say thank you for the lovely birthday message..!! hope you are still having fun over here in Sydney with your lovely daughter ... xxx Julie