Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tags, Bags & Jetlag!

Just wanted you two lovely ladies (Sarah at Semi Expat and Jeanne at Collage of Life) to know that I haven't forgotten your photo tags!!
In my dazed jetlagged state it's been an effort to even remember which bag the laptop was located in! What is that thing with jetlag? I don't find it's the tiredness per se which gets you - it's that dazed state where you are going through the motions, but not really there....odd and scary for me...I always think that if I drink more water/stay longer somewhere on the way over/take more vitamins etc. etc. maybe it won't be so bad, but it always is!
If any of you have a miracle cure, please pass it on!
Meanwhile I shall step into a hot shower, have another cup of tea and hope I manage to get to the uni this morning without losing consciousness behind the wheel!
If only I could just get all this cotton wool out of my head, I'd be fine.....have a happy (hopefully cotton wool free) day...........s


  1. Susie my dear, unfortunately I have no miracle cure for jetlag - just plenty of water and try and get as much rest as you can going to bed as soon as you are tired in the evenings... Usually takes me at least 4 to 5 days going from UK to Oz and sometimes I feel as if I am about to come down with 'flu or something but then it miraculously goes!! Hopefully you will be right as rain by the end of the week. How long are you staying? Have a wonderful time - lots for you to catch up on and I expect many old friends to see too - fantastic. xx

  2. Hi Susie,
    Sorry that I've been absent but, I've had gremlins in my computer !!
    Oh, the joys of jet lag. It's such a strange feeling. Our daughter got back from Japan, Sydney and Bali last Friday and she says that she is still feeling strange AND she slept the 12 hour journey !!!!
    Have a wonderful time with your daughter and, hopefully you will be free of the jet lag soon. XXXX