Sunday, 9 May 2010

A Mother and Daughter Picnic..

On a glorious Sydney autumn day, we headed to our favourite picnic spot - Apple Tree Bay in the Ku-Ring-Gai chase national park. After loading up with paper plates and blankets we headed for the Australian institution - the chicken shop - to collect the obligatory b-b-q chook and salads! At the top of the hill we nearly turned tail and headed back...there was a long line of cars and a ranger imparting gloomy information about the parking situation down at the bay...we took the chance and were happy we wasn't nearly as bad as we feared and we were able to find a sunny spot near the water and soak up the autumn sunshine. It was a bonus to spend Mothers' Day in Australia with my GG, by the water, under a beautiful blue sky, having a picnic.....Happy Mothers' Day Aussie Mums!.........s


  1. envious, what a beautiful spot for lunch. Look a that blue sky, I can feel the warmth! So glad, you and GG had a wonderful Mother's Day!

    Jeanne xx

  2. Dear Susie,
    Looks like you had a wonderful time with your GG..... and at a beautiful spot, too.
    As you know, we have already celebrated Mothering Sunday in the U.K. but Happy Mother's Day to everyone celebrating on Sunday. XXXX

  3. Oh! Susie

    I envy you so.. Have a wonderful Mothers Day..
    That is a gorgeous setting for a picnic.


  4. Hi Susie
    Well I was so happy the day turned out so wonderful.. been worried about you this week as it had finally turned cold and I wanted the aussie sunshine for you.. but.. it certainly lifted it's game today...

    Have a lovely Mothers Day.. xx Julie

  5. Susie, it seems that you had the perfect sunny day to celebrate with your GG and such a wonderful Mother's Day for you - am so happy for you. x

  6. Sounds fantastic Susie, glad the weather was good for you & your GG! And keeping MOTH company on his Leaping Lipids No-Fat Diet, I'd tear that yummy BBQ chook to shreds in a nanosecond!
    Millie ^_^

  7. My girlfriend, went there a year ago and climed that awesome Sydney Bridge. She really liked it,'
    Where is the OUTBACK?? I don't know much about Australia. It sound's so beautiful. Years ago I dated a really cute guy from there.