Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Down the garden path....

Who can resist a pathway meandering through beds of lavender or clipped box hedges to an unseen hideaway up ahead, out of sight? The path is inviting "Come on - follow me, you never know what you might find'....

Maybe a painted white wooden bench, perfect for a sit down and a few minutes in the shady scent of some climbing roses before exploring more.....

As for an open gate! No matter how hot and tired my aching feet might be, I just cannot resist having a peek (and taking a photo!)

These are just a few of the magical gardens we have been visiting over the glorious summer we are enjoying here in the U.K. Absolutely fabulous - lush, scented and exactly how you would expect an English country garden to look...

The lavender has been at its best in the last few weeks....we have certainly been getting our money's worth from our National Trust membership! Gorgeous, gorgeous English gardens...I take my hat off to the army of dedicated gardeners who keep these gardens looking like this...they work tirelessly to bring their gardens to the peak of perfection during the summer months & perfect they certainly are.....

What a fantastic summer - who said it rains all the time in England??

Hope you are all enjoying a little piece of paradise whether it's winter or summer where you are.....x


  1. An English Country garden would be at the top of my list for landscaping wishes. Too bad it's so hot here in QLD. I'm over all these palm trees. Give me box hedge and salvia any day!
    Thanks for postings these amazing photos Suzie.

  2. Susie...

    I am hyperventilating over these photos...where oh where were you??? Lavender...I can't wait!!

    Gorgeous photos, you certainly are getting the very best of the English summer, I can't wait to return. I can't even begin to imagine what the autumn will be like :)

    Jeanne xxx

  3. Dear Suzie,
    Do you know, I get so fed up when people say that it is always raining here in England !! We are forever having hosepipe bans and the grass is turning yellow because of the hot weather. I think that the problem here is that you can't rely on the English weather. You never know what the day will bring, so planning something can be difficult.
    I really don't think that you can beat a well looked after English garden. The ones that you have shown are just spectacular. An hommage to the quintessential English garden. Just beautiful. XXXX

  4. How delightful are these photographs Susie - beautiful English gardens - the best in the world! Hope all is well with you - thinking of you often. S x

  5. Hi Susie - so lovely to have you back! This post is just perfect for me. We've just started a perennial border - the digger was here last weekend and I'm now waiting for the bricklayer to do the edging and then I'm ready. I've got 65 metres to fill so these gorgeous images of yours are wonderful inspiration - if the gardens here at BF look half as good as these I'll be absolutely thrilled. Have a lovely weekend. Leigh

  6. Hello Susie,
    what a beautiful post.
    I have to admit England has the most
    beautiful gardens. Thanks for the lovely post.. have a wonderful Summer

  7. Hi Susie, what a simply glorious post! These images seem to depict the quintessential English garden. It makes such a lovely change from the "drought proof" style gardens we have here, however lovely some of them might be. There's only so many succulents one can admire, right?

    Hope all is well with you and your lovely ones. Meredy xo.

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