Thursday, 5 August 2010

Travellers' Tales....

I think I have the task of packing a suitcase down to a fine art....this comes with years of practice - schlepping my wardrobe & personal possessions from one side of the world to the other at a moment's notice! I realised this week that I haven't passed the skill on to my children (or at least if I tried, they weren't paying attention!)

Firstly, my darling baby girl was packing her case to return to Sydney uni for the start of the new semester - we have tried (unsuccessfully) to convince her to travel light (I couldn't quite work out what she could possibly be bringing with her when she arrived here as her chest of drawers in her bedroom was completely stuffed full of her clothes, along with the one in the guest room). Nevertheless, after a 'massive clearout' when she was feeling up to it and the glandular had subsided a bit, when the inevitable day of packing bags for the return trip dawned, this was the scene:

A couple of years ago, we invested in some luggage scales and what a great investment they turned out to be - I'm sure they have saved hundreds in over-weight baggage charges......when they were pressed into action, I breathed a sigh of relief.....she proclaimed her bags to be well within the allowed weight and off we went to Heathrow (yet again.....)

On arrival at the check-in desk, we duly loaded the bags onto the luggage scale and noted the solemn look on the face of the girl checking her in...she pronounced that the bags were 'at least six kilos over' - I looked at my GG and she responded with a puzzled expression...pressed further, she explained that she had only weighed the large one! We never actually got to the bottom of why she thought the other one was either weightless or would be disregarded by the airline! Oh, the innocence of youthful naivete! This girl has obviously never had to stand in a very long queue and hand over a very large sum of money because she couldn't bear to be parted from a large section of her wardrobe....

After some sweet-talking from the LAB (whose sales and negotiating skills come in very handy on such occasions) and the removal of a large coat from the bag - which she carried over her arm but still went onto the aircraft (not in the bag admittedly....)??!! she was on her way....

Another journey to Heathrow early this morning (not by me this time!) son and his fiancee were flying to Las Vegas to be married on the 11th August....the main topic of conversation for the last few weeks has, not the venue, flowers, food, guests or accommodation.......but the troublesome problem of how this diminutive girl was going to transport her HUGE dress from here to there....

(This is a model wearing a very similar dress from the collection by the same designer)

I visited them last week and also pondered the mission ahead....THE DRESS had to be moved so that I could sleep in their guest bedroom (it actually took up most of the space in the room!) I took with me suitcases of varying sizes and we all put our heads together to solve this mathematical problem - one VERY large dress + one VERY small girl + a possibly tight squeeze in the storage locker in the aircraft cabin = a BIG headache; or, alternatively:

one VERY large dress inside a VERY large suitcase checked into the hold + an inattentive baggage handler = an even BIGGER headache...

Eventually, it was decided that the best course was not to let THE DRESS out of sight, resulting in son, girlfriend and dress all boarding a flight to Vegas this morning - at last contact, all were happily ensconced at the pointy end of the plane (frequent flyers saved for a long while specially for the occasion) and the champagne was flowing......happy days........s


  1. Oh, my! What a lovely dress! How exciting, a wedding in Las Vegas! I tell you, the airlines have gone crazy, one US airline is charging for carryons, how crazy is that? Anyway, lovely little world here, happy to find you and happy to be your newest follower! XO!

  2. Hello Susie - Oh how I laughed at this post - it sounds just like me - how many times have I tried my hardest to tell my girl to "travel light" ?! They will probably 'get it' later on in life but at the moment - not a chance!! Do hope your son and future daughter in law (and dress) make it safely to USA. Hope all well with you. S x

  3. Hi Suzie,
    Well, My husband and I are as hopeless as your daughter !! We take everything on holiday and wear an 1/6th of it !!....and that's just when we go on holiday. I would probably be worse than your daughter if I was studying somewhere and making it my home for a while !!
    .... and, what a scenario with the importaant wedding dress !! I think that I would have booked a special seat for that gorgeous dress. Will you be on your way to Las Vegas ? I wish them both a wonderful day and many happoy times ahead. XXXX

  4. Susie, I had to share this one with Mr. H...we had the same problem when Christine returned to NZ..such a drama at the airport! I whipped open both bags and started pulling things out and was allowed to do so on the condition I would post it to her ASAP.... That was my first mistake!
    I am now considering hiring a storage unit to avoid this to and fro...boys are so much easier!
    So exciting to read about your son's wedding.. You must be thrilled. Sounds like busy times for you! Hope you can put your feet up now at least for a little while.
    We are coming to Bath at the end of the month.. I may be in touch for a few ideas :)
    Thanks for your comments..:)
    Jeanne xx

  5. I hear you on this Susie. Shoes are my issue - one must have a suitable pair to match every outfit. Enought said! Lovely to hear of the impending nuptials a la the Elvis Chapel of Lurve!
    Millie ^_^

  6. Oh Suzie
    I have missed you.. sorry i am late to your post.. been having internet issues and settling into new home issues...

    so,.. I am a bad packer too.. went I went off to Italy for 2 months I took way too much clothing.. ended up posting most of it home so I could travel a little easier.....

    So that wedding dress is gorgeous... a friend of mine took hers overseas for her wedding and the flight staff kindly stashed it in the captain's locker.. lucky for her...

    Great to hear your daughter is feeling somewhat better... if she needs anything when back here in Sydney please let her know she can contact me...

    Take care dear Suzie..

    OH by the way.. took a photo the other day which made me think of you... a view of sydney skyline with sylvania waters in foreground..

    OK.. take care my friend.. xxx Julie

  7. Congratulations Susie,
    Why Vegas for a wedding? England is so much
    prettier. You have lost a birdie from you
    nest..That is some dress, she should look beautiful. Hope all goes well for them..
    Keeping the dress in sight is a very good idea.