Monday, 23 August 2010

Life is the Occasion...

L.K. Bennett in the U.K are currently running a new season campaign entitled 'Life is the Occasion'. It features some of their customers (wearing LK Bennett clothes of course) photographed in the environment in which they work..

Lydia Gifford is photographed at Giffords' Circus - you can read more about Giffords' Circus in a post Sarah at did a while back. I love these photos - you can almost forget they are trying to sell you something! You can see more about the idea behind the photos at

Have a great week & don't forget - Life IS the occasion....enjoy it........s


  1. Wonderful Susie...I am so excited to see all the beautiful clothes for the upcoming season!!

    Jeanne xx

  2. Susie - hi and thank you so much for the mention in this post - you are a sweetie... When I read the title I thought to myself what a great saying and yes, life is an occasion - wonderful! Think I will have a peek too at the L K Bennett website - I have always LOVED their shoes but thought the clothes were sometimes a bit of an 'afterthought' - this looks as if they have certainly stepped up their game - gorgeous. What a great idea to photograph REAL people and not just stick thin models - love it. Sarah X

  3. Fabulous Susie
    You know it's so right.. we should treat each day as an occasion...

    These photos are fab... Have a great week xxx Julie