Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Nice day for a white wedding.....

When I used to daydream about my children's wedding days, this wasn't in the dream:

Or this:

I imagined English church bells ringing, bridesmaids with summer flowers in their hair and posies with ribbons dangling, big hats and small family squabbles - maybe that's also what my son and his fiancee imagined when they were making wedding plans and announced that it would take place here.....

Today, 11th August, on the terrace of the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas, my handsome boy will marry his fiancee and girlfriend of 11 years...
I met a lady last week who told me that she has four sons and has warned them all that if they decide to 'run away' and deprive her of the whole experience, she won't speak to them for a very long time! I did have that thought also when we first heard of the plan - today I'm not sure...I have mixed feelings - my easy going fun-loving son and his fiancee are having a ball, surrounded by a few of their closest friends (but stangely no family!!) They view the whole thing as an opportunity to have a great party, in a place devoted to fun and indulgence - as far as I can tell, devoid of any traditional trappings....
It's sort of bizarre really - for me, it's a normal day filled with normal household routines. As my son buttons up his waistcoat and the bride slips into her Louboutins, I shall probably be at Waitrose, shopping for groceries....
Underlying all of this is a desire for their happiness, fulfilment of their dream and a long and wonderful marriage - but still I think I hear those bells chiming faintly in the distance...........s


  1. Oh Susie
    Must be so strange for you not to be part of his special day... but thinking of how much stress people seem to be under leading up to a traditional wedding.. maybe that are on the right track... They are celebrating their youth and the joy of life so I guess that can't be all bad.

    Although I do understand how odd this must be for you... I'm sure they will both be thinking about their families on this day.... Do something special for yourself today to celebrate the event..

    Take care.. xxx Julie

  2. Oh Susie, I am feeling the emotions here with you. I hope they have many many grandchildren for you to cuddle thru the years :)

    Jeanne :) xx