Thursday, 21 October 2010

Autumn morning...

I can't quite believe it's half-term here in the UK next week! There's been a lot happening in the English countryside lately...the tractors have been out in force ploughing after the harvest and making the local landscape a patchwork of colour.....

I love the look of a newly ploughed field - I can't drive past one without remarking on it's loveliness (I'm sure anyone who drives with me regularly thinks I'm completely mad). It seems to me to signify a rebirth, a matter if the harvest was good or bad, the soil is deeply dug, turned over and shows a new face to the world, virginal and ready to begin a new cycle of life. Maybe it's also a reminder that nothing stays the same, seasons come and go, sowing and harvesting according to the weather and in rotation...sunshine and showers working in harmony with the soil and next year there will be wheat instead of corn. Maybe it also makes me think of our own sowing and harvesting, choices and decisions, results and consequences....
Bare soil offers all sorts of possibilities - seeds sown, nurtured under ground until the weather warms up again and a new season's crop comes to fruition.
As I drove through the countryside this morning, en route to the final day of my course placement, the bare fields were glistening with frost, leaves swirling gently to the ground alongside the car window and Nigel Kennedy was playing Vivaldi's Autumn from the Four Seasons on the radio.....perfection....hope your week is perfect too........s


  1. Hi Susie - what a lovely image you've painted. For a moment I was sitting in the seat beside you enjoying all the loveliness! Spring is finally in the air here - we have a huge Southern Highlands fog this morning and a warm day is forecast followed by an afternoon storm. Perfect! Leigh

  2. Oh, I love the changing seasons....all part of life's rich pattern. That is why I couldn't live in a country that is always hot. I would really miss the diversity of the four seasons....... and, I love driving with the music turned up loud....I think that I have different music for each season as well. Enjoy the rest of Autumn, Susie. XXXX

  3. Sometimes I drive further than I need to Susie, because I feel so comfie & warm in my car, with the iPod turned up far too loud! I hope your new challenge is proving to be very exciting.
    Millie ^_^

  4. Happy to know others love the smells and sights
    with beautiful music. It transforms me.

  5. What lovely thoughts and images have a way of bringing it all home when you write about the things you love. Now...will we read the same about this course??

    Best wishes for a wonderfully inspiring week. Study well!!

    Jeanne xx

  6. Enjoyed this post. I spend a lot of time driving to visit my parents and daughters. I relate to seeing the beauty in simple surroundings. You have such a way with words.