Sunday, 19 September 2010

An end....and a beginning....

We returned home from France on Friday to a distinct chill in the air...a definite feeling of autumn and an end to the carefree days of summer, children back at school...families back from holidays near and far getting organised for the new school year. I thought I would post a few holiday snaps - we based ourselves this time near Uzes, just over the border from Provence in the Gard departement. We stumbled across this beautiful little town last year when we were travelling in the area and wanted to become more familiar with it. We had a lovely week enjoying great food...

Interesting architecture - I'm just in love with French shutters....

Fabulous markets - the LAB is in serious trouble as I had picked out the perfect bag at this stall..he persuaded me that I didn't need to buy it there and then & maybe would find one I preferred later...needless to say I didn't find another I wanted to buy and we weren't there long enough for the bag seller to make another appearance!

Gorgeous & picturesque town squares with bubbling fountains...

And charming places to stay....

I'm not sure when we shall have the opportunity for another sojourn in the sun as tomorrow I begin a new venture...a three year commitment to a Bachelor of Science I completely crazy I ask myself? It all seems a bit 'other worldly' as I sit here on a lazy Sunday afternoon (don't think there will be too many of those for the forseeable future!) Anyway, I shall keep you posted - wish me luck & I hope to find the time to come over and catch up with all your news soon...not sure how much time I shall have so if you're wondering where I've gone, it's just to a comfy sofa with a pile of reading material! Whatever your plans for the autumn (or Spring if you're in the southern hemisphere) enjoy!.........s


  1. Beautiful photos Susie...loving the sunshine!
    A BA in Science...good for you. I have a feeling
    you are going to be an excellent student with all the
    right study habits.

    Best wishes for a wonderful week:)

    Jeanne xx

  2. What a lovely trip you gave me.
    I enjoyed it.


  3. Dear Susie,
    What a wonderful area that you went to....fabulous food and drink, I'm sure and such lovely countryside. I also adore the dhutters. It's funny how gorgeous they look in France and Italy, but would just look wrong in the UK.
    I am full of admiration that you are doing a BSc....I wish you every success.....and just one thing.....never take any notice of ones male partner when it comes to buying clothes or accessories. They don't know what they are talking about !!!! XXXX

  4. Dear Susie
    I am hopelessly jealous of your proximity to all my favourite destinations [France and Italy]..

    The blue shutter and the fountain photos are delightful.. just beautiful and a lovely light!!

    Well.. congrats on your new adventure.. BA in Science!! wow!!! You know science wasn't a favourite at school but in my 20;s I had a friend who was a genetic engineer.. funny how subjects become much more interesting through someone else's eyes..

    Take care.. AND... finally... in the mail!!! phew.. what a relief to finally say that!! ciao ciao xxx Julie

  5. Gorgeous photographs and lovely looking food in the markets. I adore shutters too... and congratulations about your decision to study for an BSc - you will be wonderful...and p.s. sorry about the bag!! x

  6. Just dropped by. Hope you have a great week
    end. Yvonne

  7. Your photos of France are divine - how wonderful to be able to visit so easily! Your decision to study for a BSc is wonderful - I hope you enjoy every second of it and I just know you'll do brilliantly. Leigh

  8. Hi Susie, Just checking in again. I have been thinking of you all week and am hoping your studies are going well. Are you still sane??

    Best wishes for a studious week !!

    Jeanne xxx

    PS..I just realised that it is nearly a year since we started writing...:))

  9. I'd love to buy some of those colorful bags.
    Great post.