Friday, 3 September 2010

Surprises at West Wittering..

Dash - you were on the money & gilliecoco - well done, you spotted that we were at West Wittering on the West Sussex coast...on the southern side of Chichester Harbour. I grew up close by but strangely, don't recall going there! I know that as a small girl our family picnic'd regularly here but like many things in my 'pre Australia' life, I wasn't paying attention...

We nestled into the sandy dunes and watched yachts racing in the harbour with Spinnaker Tower glistening in the background and far reaching views beyond to the Isle of Wight...

As the afternoon became early evening, we made our way back along the sandy path to the car, marvelling at the diversity on this small island. When we moved here from Australia, I was determined not to take anything for granted and really look at my surroundings, appreciating the seasonal changes and history which oozes from every nook and cranny....something I don't think I ever did when I lived here before.

We wound up the day stopping at for oysters and champagne...a perfect end to a perfect day........s


  1. Oh Susie,
    Oysters and favourite combination.
    The photo of the yachts and the beach are wonderful. England really is a beautiful place.
    Have a lovely weekend Susie. XXXX

  2. Hi Susie - ahh you were local to me! My blog photo is taken at Witterings; we have a beach hut there. It is lovely - even though I am a local I know I can say that. And the Fish House - I love it there, great venue. We went there recently for a friend's 40th! Lou x

  3. That beach at the bottom looks like cape cod. Beautiful photos.


  4. Susie,
    I'm finally getting to do so long overdue catching up. I see you are still living life to the fullest - travel, wedding, cake - many fun things. I was so sorry for the loss of your dear friend, which made your post reminder that 'life is the occasion' so meaningful. I look forward to getting back into the routine and having time to read more of your past posts. Rita

  5. A perfect day out and a belated happy birthday to you Susie... such great photographs too xx