Thursday, 9 September 2010

A visit to Granny's house......

I thought I was exhausted when my GG returned to uni in Sydney...I thought I couldn't be any more tired - wrong! This week my son and daughter in law have been visiting with my two gorgeous grandchildren....I think I have forgotten just how exhausting small children are....early starts and full days...I am full of admiration for my D I L - she copes admirably with a very lively two and a half year old and extremely mobile ten month old...meanwhile, the LAB and I are barely managing to conceal our tiredness....our 'normal' lives are on hold whilst we marvel at the way these two devote themselves to their two gorgeous babies. Nothing we do in the course of a day seems remotely taxing in comparison....

Outings are a military operation complete with snacks, lunch, drinks, potties, clean clothes, clean shoes etc. A walk up the lane becomes an adventure...the smallest diversion in the day is a memory to be treasured and talked about for a long time....these small people are a constant reminder to stop, look and listen - life is all about the here and now - smell the roses and celebrate the everyday.
After a last walk to pick blackberries and feed ducks on the canal, we have waved them off wedged into the car between bags of nappies, travelling highchairs & travel cots.....having enjoyed their visit immensely but secretly thanking our lucky stars that we are off to France tomorrow a deux with no necessity to take along any other parapheranlia apart from our own clothes, shoes, reading materials and a camera......ah yes, the joys of (grand)motherhood........s


  1. ..... but, what a joy, eh Susie? What lovely recent memories you two can share on your time in France.
    I don't think that we realise how much it takes out of us when we get older.
    Isn't it lovely that you can head off to France to recuperate !!!! hehe. XXXX

  2. Sounds perfect Susie - how lovely to enjoy your gorgeous grandchildren - but I can imagine hard work and I am sure you will have a wonderful and well earned time a deux with the LAB in France! Bon Voyage...x

  3. This was like a trip down memory lane Susie....was it that long ago? You are so right, it does make you appreciate the little things, especially now. I am so excited to read about your trip. I can so relate to 'normal' time too! Enjoy and take lots of photos. Best wishes for a wonderful trip!!
    Jeanne xx

  4. Been there done that. Really I know how tired you can get. Glad you had the enjoyment