Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Apologies to those of you who are really over snow pictures now....I had intended to post something completely different today but after a very heavy fall last night and the impact it had here, it just seems right to continue the snow theme for a while longer! It may be a long time before this happens again so maybe we should be enjoying it whilst we can? We went for a stroll today when the flurries held off for a while - I'm trying not to see the inconvenience and just soak up the aesthetics! I took this down at the brook (it's actually the same view as the header photo...& just as beautiful I think)....

This was taken standing on the pontoon & looking across at the fields beyond the brook - I love the silhouette of the bare trees in the water:

There's really nothing quite like a huge expanse of freshly fallen snow, a pair of warm boots and being the first to walk on it!!!!

No rowing today.......

Even buddha's wearing his special snow hat.....

With the heating going full blast and the woodburners being constantly topped up, the snow on the roof still hadn't melted by mid afternoon......

The weather outside may be frightful (if you have to go out), the fire is very delightful & my GG is in raptures....the idea of swapping Sydney summer sun for dreary grey days wasn't too appealing but snow? Well, that's another matter.......s


  1. I never get enough snow. Keep posting.
    These are lovely. - I found you by way of A Refocused Life.

  2. Beautiful photos Susie...there is nothing like a fresh blanket of white snow.. Jeanne :)

  3. Oh Susie,
    Hasn't it been beautiful.
    I went out in my garden this morning and took some photographs. We haven't had this much snow for quite a while, have we ?
    I think that there might be a snowy post over at my place soon !! Enjoy it. XXXX

  4. Looks so beautiful - a little bit of snow envy (actually make that a LARGE bit of snow envy) is being experienced here in Oz I think!! Enjoy my friend. xx

  5. These are such beautiful photos with their blue-grey stillness.

  6. Don't worry Susie - you can never have too much snow or beautiful snow photos! Leigh

  7. Fabulous photos....winter art. I hope you have a window that overlooks the view, because it is to beautiful to leave.

  8. I am over the snow, not the photos. Just beautiful! Happy new year!