Sunday, 17 January 2010

Tea for three....

After visiting the Victoria & Albert Museum yesterday (we went to see 'Maharaja - The Splendour of India's Royal Courts' exhibition thanks to Jeanne @, I had the usual dilemma when finding myself in London late in the afternoon - to tea or not to tea? (sorry!!) It always seems like a great idea and I always have lots of places on my 'Where to go for afternoon tea in London list' BUT.......usually when dashing around the capital we have skipped lunch, had lunch on the run (or, worst of all, grabbed a sandwich at 4.00pm), we are ravenous by 5 o'clock but possibly have planned to stay in town for an early dinner....where does tea fit in?
Problem No. 2: My GG is tall, willowy & enviably able to partake of whatever she fancies without any obvious adverse effect - the lovely aussie bloke and myself are somewhat more conscious that those carefree days of unfettered calorie intake are long past....
Solution: One Little Piggy Had Scones & Jam;
One Little Piggy Had Some;
One Little Piggy Had Everything Else (including dinner) and felt sick all the
way home ........

The 'Rock & Roll' tea at The Gore Hotel....THE place for celebrity spotting apparently (although we didn't see any yesterday).

The 'Fashionista's Tea' at the Berkeley (Do fashionistas actually eat tea?) - great fun.....

Not 100% sure about this one but it looks like Fortnum & Mason....

And lastly, the daddy of them all......tea in the Palm Court at the Ritz (about which I have heard mixed reviews)......Wishing you a week full of happy tea-times.......s


  1. Hi Susie..I have discovered the same, to tea or not to tea. Mr H. and I went to the Langham when we were on our own once and had a lovely tea there. The kids and I grabbed tea with the masses at the V&A cafeteria..not quite the same! You will be happy to hear that Musto was a hit. I have the warmest coat on the face of the planet and am thrilled! I also happened into Broca for their sale on cashmere thanks to Sarah's suggestion. It was a big and expensive shopping day thanks to my blogging buddies!
    Jeanne :)

  2. Dear Susie,
    Nice to see you back.
    Sounds as if you had a fun-filled day AND you managed to fit tea in. I'm going to the Ritz this year. It's all been re decorated so it should be wonderful.
    We are going th see The Cirque du Soleil in February (we go every year) and we are all going to Hard Rock afterwards. I haven't been there since I was a young and trendy thing in the late '60's early '70's !! XXXX

  3. It all sounds so wonderful...and so English. Your 'tea' talk is like my 'lunch' talk. It looks like the caloric intake could be about the same. Everything looks very delicious and sounds so much more chic than just doing lunch.

  4. Dear Susie, - Yum!! I love tea.. any excuse. Yours looked delish and I am sure was worth it! (on every level)

  5. Hi Susie
    Well I'd love to 'do tea' at the Ritz.. just a little too far to travel!! But I think if I did.. i'd be the little piggy that ate way too much and felt sick all the way home.. hehe. cute!!.. Have a great week xx Julie

  6. Were I to be in London at this moment I would be at the Victoria and Albert in a wink. I wonder if they would ever think of making that a traveling exhibition?

  7. I loved this post and yes it's definitely F&M - I had the most divine afternoon there in June and am so looking forward to being there again in a few months time. Hope you're keeping cosy ... we're about to have another very hot few days so as usual I'm very envious of you! Leigh