Friday, 29 January 2010

A little weekend indulgence.....

In my 'mother/daughter separation anxiety' toolkit I have a few things I know I can rely on for their instant calming and soothing effects...

This weekend I plan to be a little indulgent, let the emotions settle & press Jack & Diane into service....I am thinking deep bubble baths (with candles of course!) , Something's Gotta Give in the DVD player with a glass or seven of Brown Brothers Chenin Blanc & a slice (or three) of the most versatile chocolate cake ever...

Chocolate Truffle Cake
(courtesy of the Bertinet Kitchen, Bath)

300g dark chocolate, chopped
125g unsalted butter
6 eggs
100g demerara sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
50 ml rum, poire william, cointreau or whatever you please
Preheat oven to 190 - or in my case, use the top oven of the Aga with a cold shelf above the tin & transfer to the bottom oven after about half an hour.
Combine the chocolate & butter, melt together gently in a microwave or in a bowl over simmering water.
Beat the eggs and sugar until light & fluffy.
Add the run & vanilla to the chocolate mixture and fold both mixtures together carefully.
Pour into a greased & lined round or square cake tin (about 8 inch) and cook in a bain marie for about an hour. The cake should feel just firm.
Absolutely wonderful served plain, with raspberries & cream or ice cream - also brilliant sliced into 3 & made into a retro black forest cake or any other chocolate gateau type cake you want. No flour - so light and not so sinful - that's what I tell myself anyway...
I'm not generally a lover of sweet things or cake but this is only sweet in that dark bitter chocolate sort of way...
Whatever your plans for the weekend - enjoy........s


  1. Sounds like the best plan ever, whether ones daughter has left or not !!
    I shall be going out with all of my family for my birthday on Sunday. My birthday is on monday but, it's best for everyone on sunday.
    I shall probably be indulging in some of something similar to your delicious looking chocolate truffle cake amongst other things (namely alcohol !!) Then, it's my actual birthday on monday (more indulgences) and on wednesday a birthday lunch with my girlfriends.
    A good week ahead, I think. XXXX

  2. Susie..this looks yummy...I am having one of those coffee/choc cake cravings myself at the moment. I am trying to tell myself to go for a walk instead...not working:) Movie night sounds perfect and an aussie wine I assume? I Watched the BBC classic 'Cranford' last night and absolutely loved it. The ladies in it will make you laugh and make you cry...they are charming!
    Have a great weekend!
    Jeanne xo

  3. If this gorgeous chocolate cake doesn't improve your mood nothing will! Hope your weekend is as self-indulgent as you can make it. Leigh

  4. Hey Susie
    I feel for you... must be hard to say goodbye. So your daughter is still living in Australia? Sydney? May be my neighbour... and may not ... but she will be looking at the same moon as you and I this weekend.. which in Ausralia is the Blue Full Moon.. [we were too quick for it on NYE]... I re-watched Jack & Diane for about the 100th time the other day.. ha ha... never tire of it.. bring it out when I need familiar and feel good so I say it is the perfect choice..

    Well I've been a bad aussie blogger.. sorry i didn't get over here to say Happy Australia Day... been a little under the weather this week and been laying low with Jack & Dianne.. so thank you so much for your lovely comment... you know so far I haven't even attempted to print any professionally but I might give Mr Cockatoo a go and will let you know how it turns out... Thanks again.. and take good care of yourself and get out and see that moon tonight!! xx Julie