Monday, 1 February 2010

Sparkling Saturday...

Bath was sparkling in winter sunshine on Saturday:

Not a cloud in the sky:

Just beautiful!

As we walked along the path which crosses the park in front of the Royal Crescent (above & middle) we started thinking what this beautiful city would have looked like during the Georgian rennaissance in the 18th century - the elder John Wood designed the facade of the buildings which comprise the Royal Crescent but, apparently, each purchaser bought a length of the outer facade and then hired his or her own artchitect to design the living space behind it. Consequently, what looks uniform from the front is actually not so.....the Georgian equivalent of a new build suburb in fact! Bizarre when you look at the city now in it's faded palladian honey-stoned mellowness.....
Have a happy, mellow, week everyone............s


  1. Oh sooo love Bath and the Royal Crescent particularly... Looks like the sky we had today in Melbourne (but I expect a little colder there!) Hope you are feeling a little better...
    S xx

  2. Stunning Susie..and look at that blue sky!! You lucky thing.
    Hope you have a great week!!
    Jeanne :0

  3. Bath is my favourite UK city, and I'll return to live there when I can afford a house in the Crescent...

  4. Oh you are lucky I have always wanted to go there and admire that incredible georgian architecture. It looks beautiful. xoxo

  5. Jane - so glad you came by - have been trying to leave you comments for ages but can't access your blog - every time I try I get a 'close down' message and have to re-sign in to blogger; many apologies - didn't want you to think I wasn't interested! Not sure how to rectify it.....warm wishes x

  6. Dear Susie,
    Bath is one of my favourite cities. My cousin lives in Bradford-on-Avon so we are often in this area. I love the bath stone houses,The Crescent and, the baths , of course. I also love the reclamation yard there !!!!...... and, you chose the best day for a visit.
    Many thanks too Susie for your birthday wishes. XXXX

  7. Dear Susie,
    I have recently been thrilled to discover the treasures that Bath offers. It is a beautiful and elegant place to stroll around and I'm very glad to have found your blog

  8. When I've been particularly tired of life for whatever reason, I've daydreamed about taking myself off to Bath like the ladies of yesteryear for some rejuventation. I'm not sure you "took in the baths", but I hope you still felt rejuvenated, just being surrounded by such loveliness. Beautiful post. Meredy xo.