Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I like coffee, I like tea.....

I thought it was time to get rid of the dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks in the hurricane lamps on the dining table (it is February after all....!) but what to replace them with? I was thinking maybe cloves & star anise, dried beans or something similar (small stones/gravel being sooo yesterday darling....) then when we were in London a few weeks ago I saw some in a lovely restaurant done like this:

A few days later, I was in a wine bar (think The Star & Garter rather than The Library at the Lanesborough....) & was appalled to see some horrid little glass containers on the tables containing candles with, what else, coffee now I'm having a rethink......they do go rather well with the brown leather chairs though.....maybe if I don't tell anyone....? What do you think?

While I'm pondering I have another question......I was browsing the new Laura Ashley catalogue today (only because when I was in there yesterday they were giving them away!) & came across the, I absolutely love tea, I just adore white china & lamps are my favourite accessories but..........white cups & saucers made into a lamp base? Hmmm, is this a step too far?


  1. Hi Susie
    How funny... i nearly put up a post on coffee instead of those flowers.. couldn't make my mind up... had coffee beans too.. so I guess I am pro coffee beans.

    I can almost smell those coffee beans in your photos.. I love the smell of coffee and it cleanses the olfactory senses so I say go for it!! Love the tea lamp too...Well I need a cup of coffee now xx Julie

  2. Hi Susie.... yes, I like the coffee beans in your lovely hurricane lamps so go for it... not sure about the teacup lamp either though! For Spring (when yours comes!) I also like putting lemons or limes around the candle- obviously don't last as long as the beans but make quite an impact for a week or so... Take care, S xx

  3. Well, I think that if Laura Ashley mass-makes that lamp, it's a step too far, whereas if it's an original once-off artisan prop, it's admirable!

  4. Very creative for Laura Ashley, a move away from clear glass ball lamps at least..

  5. Susie
    I think the coffee beans are a great idea. Have you tried chocolate covered coffee beans yet...YUM with an espresso. Just don't plan on going to sleep that night. I think the lamp is great, what matters is how it make YOU feel. If you are still thinking about it, if it makes you smile when you look at it and you can think of a spot to put it in than I say why not? My house is filled with eclectic quirky things and my family loves it because it makes it a home. you know my feeling on the matter! I was in a friends home over the weekend and she had two big hurricane lamps on her kitchen counter. One was blue and the other pink which I thought a bit odd at the start but she had the most gorgeous bouquet of tulips behind them. In fact she had more lamps and more tulips in other spots around the house and they were all lit. The house smelled wonderful, the rooms were cozy (it was 2:00 in the afternoon) and I think I will always remember that scene. She says she lights them first thing every morning. Just makes her feel good. So there you go, if it makes you feel good, go for that lamp!
    Jeanne xo

  6. Do the coffee beans scent the room when you light the candles? It would be delicious if they did..Have a happy weekend. xv

  7. I was thinking the same thing as Vicki...if they scent the room - how delicious! As for the lamp, if it speaks to you and makes you smile, you should go for it. Hope you're having a marvellous weekend. Meredy xo.