Sunday, 28 February 2010

A (long) trip to the Hairdresser...

I went to the hairdresser on Friday.....

....yes, I know what you're thinking......that's news???
Well, not exactly, but my hairdresser is located exactly one hour and forty five minutes drive from my house....and no, it's not some swanky salon in Mayfair, it's a little village three man band in deepest Hampshire.
Where is she going with this I can hear you asking.....the truth is I think that slowly but surely I'm turning into my mother (happy birthday Mum by the way, I wish so much you were still around to join me for a celebration lunch or raise a glass with & I miss you every day)....When I was somewhat younger my mother had some habitual things she did which to me, seemed a bit 'odd' (I don't think she ever drove nearly two hours to the hairdresser though). I do recall now as I replace, one by one, every cup or mug I have in the house with others of the finest bone china, her telling me that she couldn't possibly drink tea from anything other than fine china as it didn't taste the same....
I remember chiding her in the same voice I now hear in my G.G's e-mails, text messages or on the other end of a phone.....
Do we eventually all develop at least some of our mother's habits which drove us crazy when we were growing up? Or am I just too mean to pay London prices to get my hair done? Have a happy week everyone........s


  1. Susie, I have a sneaking suspicion I am in the same boat as you in regards to turning into your mother. Try as I might, it is like a scene from a Jim Carey movie in which I think 'Did I really just say that?'

    I can appreciate the time and effort you put into the hairdresser. This is why it took me two months to finally get the courage up to go. I went on Saturday. I sat there thinking and closing my eyes while chanting...please don't make me ash blonde when I ask for warm honey and luckily, when I opened my eyes, I had a nice surprise. She listened! I think we would move heaven and earth to get to the perfect salon. They can be so hard to find.

    I loved your mother's comment about tea tasting better from fine china. That is an excuse to buy more china in my book!

    Have a great week!
    Jeanne :)

  2. No I think we all turn into our mothers. I see it in myself in the slightly obsessive cleaning and putting ALL pantry items into clear plastic containers. Also the folding of the linen.

    And there is no doubt that tea is better drunk from thin bone china. xoxo

  3. Susie you do make me laugh... BUT I know exactly what you mean. I can hear my voice and the phrases I use and I think - my mother!! And that is not helped as both my sisters say that I am so like her and look like her too!! What did you do when you lived in Sydney? Time your visits to UK carefully or... did you have a wonderful place there too...? XX

  4. Hi Susie - I found your blog through dear Jackie @ Home. I must agree that for most of us we most certainly turn into our mothers in one degree or another. After all my fighting it, now that my mom is gone ([passed 1.1.10) I think it's a comforting cross to bare after all. The only thing I'm not so pleased with is the Norwegian jowls I seem to also have inherited, not so good. I love your blog :D

    Hope your week is going to be a good one.

  5. Hey Susie
    Well I have been putting off the hair thing for ages now.. but the wild unruly look gets a bit 'old' with the grey creeping in [ok... living.. not creeping]... Hilariously.. i was just sitting on the balcony wondering if i could possibly go to a different hairdresser to save me the trip to the city!! It would take an act of faith!! haha... Well I am forever finding myself doing things that my mother did. Things I found embarrassing back then. My mum is 35 years gone.. but still those little nuances and habits are clear as day!! Happy Birthday to your mum.. may she drink a cup of tea with mine!! From fine china no less xx Julie

  6. Jeanne - happy that your trip was successful & you are not spending Monday looking for another hairdresser!
    Jane - I suspect you are right - I'm so upset I cannot get to your blog - every time I try, my programme just closes down...I have left you msgs before as I don't want you to think I'm not interested in what you are doing...!
    Sarah - It's even more noticeable if you look like your mother & luckily, yours was obviously gorgeous!
    Hi Deb - thank you for stopping by - I think you're right about the comfort factor when your mother is no longer here - it's nice to know that she is still with you, through speech, custom, habit & gestures...
    Julie - I love the idea of my mother having a cup of tea with yours - they would be talking about how they told their daughters that one day they would be just like their mother and now it has come to pass! If you take the leap with the hairdresser, hope it's successful!

  7. Well Susie, I was just saying that the other day ... "I'm turning into my mother!" So I think we all do ... even though we try and fight it!

    I love going to the hairdressers ... but driving 1hr and 45mins would turn my trip to the hairdresser into a 4 hour ordeal!
    Wow, I'm impressed!
    Have a great week.

  8. Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my Mother after all! Albeit a watered down version of a seriously wonderful woman.
    Millie ^_^

  9. Oh me too, I remark, raising mu bone china mug in a toast to your mother. And the more experience I have of motherhood, the more I realise how hard my mother worked and how sensible her ways were.

    But I have to say, I hate hairdresser trips. I have no patience with them.