Tuesday, 9 February 2010

It's Complicated....Verdict: No it's not but it's still very good...

I made good use of the grey overcast weather recently and caught up with a few movies - firstly 'Up in the air' with the gorgeous George and then this little bit of fluff with the equally gorgeous Ms. Streep. I'm apologetically going to quote in its entirety a review by Robbie Collin because I just couldn't put it any better:

"Complicated? Puh. Not in a million years, love.
This romcom, starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin as two middle-aged divorcees who rekindle their romance, is about as straightforward as chocolate fudge cake. But sometimes chocolate fudge cake is exactly what you fancy - especially if it's as yummily made as this.
Meryl is Jane Adler, a mum of three absurdly gorgeous grown-up kids, manager of an absurdly gorgeous bakery and owner of an absurdly gorgeous house. You might be getting the picture here. This ain't Ken Loach. Jane split from her cheating husband Jake (Baldwin) 10 years ago, and he has since remarried his foxy 'other woman' (Lake Bell). When the former couple get together for their youngest son's graduation in New York, a night on the tiles (with about six bottles of vino collapso) send them stumbling back into bed together. It isn't great news for Meryl's reserved architect Adam (Steve Martin) who has his eye on her while he's building her an absurdly gorgeous extension.

This is escapist fluff, pure and simple, but it's given a huge boost by some deliciously funny scripting from writer-director Nancy Meyers and a trio of ace lead performances. Meryl's back in Mamma Mia mode - which is a very good thing - and her character is brilliantly tailored to the film's 30 plus female target audience. This woman is the uber-nurturer. Show up at her front door looking vaguely peckish and she'll roast you a chicken and whip up a flan before you can take your shoes off. Alec has the rascal act down pat without coming across as a sleazebag or pathetic. It's not clever, it's CERTAINLY not complicated but like chocolate fudge cake, it's a seriously guilty pleasure."

If you get the chance - go see it - there were parts which had me laughing to the point of tears and the only downside was that I spent quite a lot of time marvelling at how much better Steve Martin would have looked if he hadn't embarked upon intensive botox & numerous facial procedures which, to me, were not a wise decision & proved something of a distraction!..........s


  1. I saw that movie and intend to buy it, wasn't it great. I think Meryl is the best actress out there.

  2. Could not have put it better Susie!! I loved the film so much - went on my own to see it when other half was in Europe on trip ... have not laughed so much for ages... But, like you kept thinking 'What on earth is going on with Steve Martin - He looks like a leprechaun with a screwed up face!'

  3. Susie, I can't wait to see this, friends keep asking if I have seen it yet. Grrr...I think it is just what I need right now. I am going to take myself off to see it this week. What did you think of 'Up In The Air'. My friend thought I should wait for it to come out on DVD and then told me the ending...bummer!
    Jeanne :)

  4. Thanks for the reviews, Susie. I have yet to see either of them. As much as I love Meryl Streep, I'm not a big Alec Baldwin fan but, I am still going to see it !! XXXX

  5. I still haven't seen it! I'm thinking, I might wait for DVD, so hubby and I can squish up on the sofa together with hot chocolates and have a good ole belly laugh together.

    Thanks for your lovely comments over the last little while...MM doing much, much better now and life should get back to normal. Chaotic, but normal. Meredy xo.

    p.s. is there any way I can convince you to do a post about your red Aga? If it's not already too divine that you live in a mill house....now we discover you are the proud owner of a red Aga! (Happy sigh)

  6. Yvonne & SE - Isn't it great? Glad you enjoyed it too...
    Jeanne - Didn't like Up in the Air as much - I thought it was a bit cliched - but movies are personal - I knew the ending too so that didn't help! Do go and see It's Complicated, recommended for a couple of hours of light escapist fun!
    Jackie - I'm still not sure A.B was the right choice for the part - go see it & tell me what you think!
    Meredy - I have been thinking about it - Ok will give it some more thought! It's a love/hate relationship (mostly love though!)

  7. Hi Susie, thanks for your comments over at mine. I haven't seen this film yet, as it has not yet found it's way into our local dvd rental shop, when it does I want to see it as Meryl Streep is my favourite actress (she was amazing in the devil wears prada), which I watched the other evening for the third time. Shame about Steve Martins new look, I used to think he was quite dishy!

  8. I saw this movie on mondaĆ½ and I loved it! Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin are a wonderful couple.. In German the title of the movie is "if love would be so easy.."
    I think all women around 50 would love this movie...
    best regards from Germany,