Friday, 19 February 2010

From my kitchen....

to yours.....

Have a wonderful weekend.......s


  1. Hi Susie

    Your flowers look fabulous - I can almost smell the gorgeous things just looking at them! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Leigh

  2. My favourite spring flower, beautifully arranged!

  3. Just gorgeous Susie! I like to think of you happily pottering away in your kitchen as you arranged these....I bet you had a smile on your face the whole time. It's important to make the effort isn't it? I so rarely do and I don't know why. Hang on? Can I hear the call of my favourite homewares shop? Oh yes, I think they have just the thing to get me going. (My children have managed to break nearly every vase in the house.)

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend in your happy home. Meredy xo.

  4. Hi Susie
    How beautiful... Hyacinths. to feed the soul! [assuming they are Hyacinths!] hehehe... Have a great weekend.. xx Julie

  5. They look absolutely beautiful Susie... and I expect they smell fantastic too... Happy weekend to you.. S xx

  6. Dear Susie,
    How beautiful are they? ... and, I'm pleased to see that you have done an odd number !! I'm always reading how you MUST arrange things in odd numbers. I bet the smell is amazing.
    I have white parrot tulips in an old jug on my kitchen windowsill, at the moment.
    Have a wonderful weekend. XXXX

  7. Just came over from Jackies blog to say hello!

    You've arranged them beautifully ... they look great bunched together ... but I prefer them singly as you have them!
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Beautiful Susie....make me smile!
    I have been thinking about your comment on one of your posts about your red stove...AGA? I have been fascinated by them. When I came to London on a house hunting tour last year I found that most places in the city had them and at the time of day I was looking it seems like everyone used them to dry their clothes. I thought it was the strangest looking contraption I had ever seen. Now I am besotted. A friend explained hers to me and I felt the urge to have one right away. She loves it. Maybe someday you could do a post on yours?? Would love to hear what you think and pictures please :)
    Hope you are having a great weekend. I am surrounded by boxes but can not resist the little ding on my computer to say a new email is in my box. Back to work for me :)
    Jeanne x

  9. Leigh - they do smell delicious - lovely to come down to in the morning!
    Mise - I love them too - the ones in the garden are not quite 'up' so had to improvise!
    Meredy - I have to confess I had to run out and pick up two more bud bases - no one is owning up though!
    Julie - they sure are - Spring is (hopefully) springing (although there are flakes of snow drifting past the window right now!)
    Sarah - Isn't their scent amazing? I don't remember seeing them very often in Sydney - do you get them?
    Jackie - How I wish I had kept all my lovely old jugs - I had a big clear out when we moved from Sydney and they are now gracing someone else's windowsill!
    Marina - Lovely to see you - welcome & look forward to seeing you again!
    Jeanne - coming v. soon!! Hope the mountain of unpacked boxes is dwindling and the empties growing!
    Thank you all for your lovely comments - so much appreciated & enjoyed...hope you all had a great weekend x