Monday, 1 March 2010

And not a moment too soon...

It's been a long, long winter up here in the frozen north....but today the sun came out and tempted us to the window....

In amongst the carpet of white snowdrops, there are some little yellow heads appearing, winter aconites;

The daffodils are slowly but surely emerging from hibernation;

And there is a scattering of fragile mauve crocuses;

The hellebores are waking up too;

Mother Nature is putting on her glad rags and getting ready for another glittering premiere;

Happy March...whether it's Spring or Autumn where you are, enjoy the show!...........s


  1. Beautiful photos Susie...I woke up this morning and thought for a moment I was in Sydney...then I stepped outside. EIther way, it was a lovely day.
    I actually put on the sunnies...
    Jeanne :)

  2. Dear Susie,
    Stunning photographs of Spring flowers...all beautiful and, I love helebores. Mine last until about June or even longer. It was a glorious Spring day today wasn't it and quite warm. Sunglasses were on, music loud in the car and all was well with the world today. XXXX

  3. Hi Susie
    Well I am growing a fond affection for hellebores. I've seen this beauty around blogland lately and each time it brings a smile... and thanks for the nod to autumn, although i never think of autumn in Sydney as being a pleasant thing.. we miss out on all the glorious colours you see elsewhere.. or I'm just looking in the wrong spots.!! haha

    Enjoy your spring.. it's long overdue for my northern friends!! xx Julie

  4. Thanks Susie, for sharing your images of Spring with us. I miss not being able to experience the true 4 seasons here in Queensland. Enjoy the beauty of this special time of new growth.

  5. Oh happy day! I feared that you would remain snap frozen for the duration and we would need to send in care packages of Vitamin D. These photos are beautiful, Susie. Is that your garden? How I would love to stroll around in it with you, shooting the breeze and talking about books, cooking and hair. I hope you have a lovely sunshiney week. Meredy xo.