Monday, 15 March 2010

Opulent Orchids on a Sunny Sunday..

We spent a happy afternoon yesterday at the R.H.S Gardens, Wisley in Surrey where they had a fabulous display of orchids in the glasshouse, to coincide with the Mothering Sunday weekend...
I would never turn down an orchid in any shape or form although I tend not to go for these bright colours - they looked wonderful in the tropical setting of the glasshouse but I find in the setting of the home, they can look garish...

These reminded me of displays I have seen in Sydney and Singapore - displayed en masse in shallow metal bowls and suspended over water...beautiful....

We were hoping to see lots of bulbs but were a bit disappointed - no daffodils in bloom and only a sparse carpet of crocuses...

Interesting blossoms starting to appear....

And you know I just cannot walk past any statuary sporting angel wings!

All in all, a day filled with the promise of Spring...& helped along by a delicious afternoon tea and some time well spent in the huge and well stocked shop which, luckily, had a great selection of books of my favourite subject.....if I tell you that the ones I noted down had titles like 'Saha' 'Meals in Heels' and 'Canteen' you'll quickly guess where I spent most of my time....I didn't have very high hopes for the outing when we arrived and saw the serried ranks of cars stretching as far as the eye could see; I heard the deep sigh emanating from the LAB and a few mutterings along the lines of 'You must be joking' but I can happily report, it all turned out well in the end!
Hope your week turns out the way you would like.......s


  1. Susie, this looks like a great outing and you were so close to where we live!!! Amazing photographs. I need to pop in there. I pass Claremont everyday and still haven't made it there yet either! I went to the Antiques show at Sandown (as you suggested) and had a fun time looking at everything. I decided I need an education on antiques in this country!
    Thank you for your note this morning. I really appreciate the comments and am so glad that we have had the chance to connect thru blogging. My family now knows all about you. They ask after you and whenever a question comes up they suggest I ask Susie from Bath! Have a great week!
    Jeanne xo

  2. Susie, sounds like you had a wonderful day out, despite the initial queues, so glad you had a good rummage amongst the cookery books. stunning post with beautiful photographs. I think Spring is definitely on it's way now, fingers crossed.

  3. Dear Susie,
    I heard the other day that, we normally have 26 million bunches of daffodils ready for Mothering Sunday but, this year we only had about one million, as everything is behind because of the bad winter we have had so, that's probably why the bulbs were not as prolific as they should have been.
    A great day out though. I do love Wisley. Your photographs of the orchids are beautiful. I know what you mean about some of the colours, although they look wonderful in that setting but not so much in the home. I love the white ones.
    I hope that we will get to see some of the recipes from your new cook books !
    Have a lovely week, Susie. XXXX

  4. Lucky you! This is one of my dream days out - a gorgeous English garden, a lovely afternoon tea and lots of flowers. Hope the weather is starting to warm up and you get to enjoy many days like this. Leigh

  5. Susie,
    Beautiful images. It sounds like you had a wonderfully perfect day. Well=deserved.

  6. Beautiful orchids -- I love orchids!

  7. How beautiful. I want to grow orchids but always have bad luck.

  8. What a wonderful day out... love the RHS at Wisley. And your photo of the witch hazel is just beautiful - I'll bet that the smell was so delicious too...Have a great week! X

  9. Good afternoon Susie,
    I am glad I came across your blog!
    Your photos of beautiful blooming orchids are amazing.
    Especially I love the dark purple ones!
    And what an outstanding field of crocuses!!!
    You are going to have a new reader of your blog:)

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful mothering Sunday weekend (I had never heard of the term until coming to the UK!).
    I know what you mean about queues of cars. No matter where you go on the weekend ... you are bound to be stuck in the car for ages ... and especially when the weather is nice!

    Have a great week!