Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Dear Me...

This is an interesting concept....a book put together as a fund-raising project for Elton John's AIDS foundation and foreworded by him; a whole raft of 'personalities' asked to contribute by writing a letter to their sixteen year old selves...

A couple of my favourite paragraphs are these - firstly from Lynda La Plante:

'As I think back to you, my 16 year old self, I want to give you advice but am finding it hard to do so because nothing I have ever done was on anyone else's advice. So maybe I should just encourage you to follow your dreams. If you want something badly enough and are prepared to work towards the end result, it will happen.'

And Emma Thompson:

'Two top tips from 50 to 16 - 1. Don't EVER EVER EVER bother to go on a diet. I know you're obsessed and have that awful thing of standing in the 6th form canteen trying to choose between a yoghurt and a breath of fresh air (whilst wanting chips and a cheese salad). Don't sweat it. Eat regularly, try and avoid rubbish and never diet - you'll end up the same size anyway, so drop it girl and drop it NOW. Believe me - nobody cares. Diets are the best way of confusing your metabolism for the rest of your life. Just be you and get on with it. I cannot tell you how much time and energy you'll save and how much happier you'll be.

2. When he says he doesn't love you, believe him - he doesn't.

That's it. All the other mistakes you make are worth their weight in gold.'

It made me stop and think - what would I say to my sixteen year old self from where I am now? I think I would say this:

1. To thine own self be true - always;

2. Be kind.....

3. Listen to your mother....

4. Reach for the stars - all things and every thing is possible...

5. Never envy anyone else's possessions, looks or talent - just be the best 'you' you possibly can be...

What would you say to your sixteen year old self?........s


  1. Fabulous Susie
    Quite interesting.. I like Emma Thompson's advice.. although it is probably more pertinent to me now than then....

    What would I say? hmmm too much... perhaps 'this too shall pass' haha
    and 'To believe in yourself. even if others don't' ...

    Great thought provoking post.. xx Julie

  2. Susie,
    Of course I like Listen to your Mother.
    Terrific post.


  3. Great post Susie - I read about this book at the weekend and was intrigued... Now, what would I say to my 16 year old self?

    Be brave; believe in and stand up for yourself...
    Nothing is as bad as you first think...
    Make sure you always have your own little 'rainy day' fund!!

    Thanks for getting me thinking about this - wonderful ! XX

  4. Dear Susie,
    Great book.... great post.
    I think that I would say to my sixteen year old self ' Nothing's impossible and follow your dreams. ' I think that's all as, the mistakes we make in life are necessary.
    I love Emma Thompson's philosophy. I've never been on a diet and I'm so glad that I never did !! I must get the book as I'd love to know what others have said. XXXX

  5. Susie

    I like Emma Thompson's nonsense! Says she who just scoffed down a few chocolate biscuits...

    What would I say to my 16 year old self? Probably what I try to tell my daughters...wish they woud listen.

    1.Treat people the way you want to be treated...

    2. Follow and listen to your heart, it will guide you thru the good and bad times

    3. If you are on the is not the right choice to make.

    4. Be strong...listen to your 'inner warrior'

    5. Smile, it will make you and the people around you feel good

    6. Above all else, listen to your Mother, be kind to your Mother and shower her with compliment every chance you get!

    Ok, the last one might be a stretch but wouldn't that be nice :)
    Jeanne x

  6. ....and don't marry the first boy that asks!!
    Millie ^_^

  7. ...and no good ever came from leopard skin print clothing...except maybe on a scarf...maybe...

  8. Hi - how spooky! I was told about your blog as we both posted on exactly the same topic within days of each other! Needless to say I loved the book and enjoyed your advice for your younger self!

  9. Thank you so much for all your comments - loved reading all of them!
    Julie - this too shall pass - yes, that would definitely be on the list!
    Yvonne & Jeanne - Listen to your mother - how I wish I had someone giving me that advice when I was 16!
    Sarah - yes, all 3 are being added to my list - I like the rainy day fund idea!
    Jackie - I wish someone had given me the diet advice long idea - I would have saved myself so much hassle and time..
    Mille - Definitely one for the list!
    Meredy - Not even an umbrella! (I'm speaking from experience here!)
    LouBoo - Hi and thanks for stopping by - I'm going over to yours right now - what a strange coincidence!

  10. i'm completely addicted to your blog now.

    i would tell my 16 year old self:

    to follow my dreams and save the boys for later.

    to work hard and play harder.

    to smile and speak to every unhappy, downtrodden
    person in my path.

    to see how perfect and healthy and happy i am.

    to live big and dream big but judge 'small'

    thank you for the lovely idea,