Tuesday, 9 March 2010

And the Oscars go to.....

I am about to raise my neck above the parapet & risk the Sword of Damocles coming down on it!

Guess what? I don't care who wore what to the Oscars, whether Sarah Jessica Parker looked like a greek goddess or a greek statue, whether silver was the colour of the night or if Charlize Theron had vegemite scrolls stuck to her dress!!!!

I am so over actors and 'celebrities' parading their indulgent jamborees of self-congratulatory back patting whilst the rest of us go goggle eyed at the designer dresses they wore (loaned for the occasion for the promotion of the design house of course) or how many security guards were employed to safeguard the jewels on loan from Chopard worth millions....

Yes, I think it's terrific that a woman has been recognised for her work in directing a movie for the first time and yes, Kathryn Bigelow's 'The Hurt Locker' has a powerful message to deliver about the realities of war - however, if it's a reminder of the atrocities of what's going on in Iraq you're after, just let me know when you'd like to come over and we can sit by the window with a nice cup of tea and watch the Hercules planes circle overhead as they begin their descent into R.A.F Lyneham bringing yet more dead soldiers home....

Maybe the mothers, wives, daughters and girlfriends waiting in the streets of Wootton Bassett would quite like a good night out now and again (with a designer dress thrown in? or the loan of some diamond earrings?) Or how about sending them a promo bag filled with goodies just for turning up?

I would like to hand out some Oscars of my own - to the women who are living all around me, alone, for months on end, putting on a brave face for their children and knowing that if their doorbell rings late at night, it won't be revellers turning up for a post-awards party.......there, I've said it....now chop my head off......s


  1. Haven't heard that term since my husband used it in court. It does seem frivolous at a time
    when the world is in such a financial state. We have a loved one over there and I worry for my cousin.

    great post go girl~` Free speach for all


  2. Excellent observation. There are indeed, many brave women who are dealing with real life horrors and I too, could care less for the rather dull display from the Oscars, this used to be a date to get excited about but I suppose as we now have access to every known A-Z celebrity at all times the whole event has become quite meaningless.

  3. Dear Susie,
    I do so agree with you.
    I have always hated the question ' ... and who are you wearing ?' at any of the award ceromonies and, after all, they just act, they haven't exactly changed the world. It is all quite obscene, really. .... and the comparison to the soldiers fighting in a REAL war, well, there's no contest. Well said, Susie. XXXX

  4. Hi Susie
    I have to say the older I get the less I care about fashion.. which can't be a good thing for people having to look at me! but life has a way of bringing more important issues to the fore.

    I like Hollywood for the movies it produces.. i'd be lying if I said I didn't as I watch way too many movies... it is my downtime... but the celebrity thing has very little impact on me other than enjoying the glamour of the old classic movies eg Audrey Hepburn etc [maybe that is the same thing.. not sure]

    Good for you praising those women who are playing a waiting game.. I'd be horrified to be in their situation.. living in fear... I remember when i was a teenager we were all worried our brothers may be conscripted to Vietnam.. thank god conscription is over!!!

    Thought provoking post.. Good for you!! xx Julie

  5. Bravo to you Susie! I don't know who hijacked the Oscars this year, but for the first time ever, I could only stomach 5 minutes of it before flicking it off. The words self-seeking, seat-squirming, over-indulgent rubbish come to mind. And the final straw was the idiot who used Moon River over & over as the play-on music - URRRRGH! You are so right - the real heroes are the girls of Wootton Bassett.
    Millie ^_^

  6. I think that in fact, Susie, the Sword of Damocles is hanging over Hollywood. The movie industry and its accompanying celebrities all need to take a good hard look at themselves. I was relieved to observe (in the 15 minutes that I could stomach) that our friend George looked completely unimpressed with proceedings - Go George!

    You are so right Susie, we should be elevating the families of those serving overseas to positions of honour, especially those who have lost their loved ones. I can't imagine the stomach churning fear and grief these families must be living with each hour of every day. They deserve our utmost respect and compassion. Meredy xo.

  7. Well said Susie! With all the chaos in the world at the moment (both natural and man-made) it's amazing that these so called celebrities, who spend most of their time self-promoting, can look themselves in the mirror and like what they see. Surely there are more important things in the world than this but then again I guess war, poverty, starvation ... aren't particularly sexy topics. Great post - thank you. Leigh