Friday, 5 March 2010

On My Kitchen Windowsill & Show and Tell....!

These red beauties are gracing my kitchen windowsill this week - they look fab with the red AGA (directly across from the window!)

I couldn't resist this next bit!!! Those of you who are familiar with Meredy over at Count It All Joy will have seen her post today about her love of cookbooks (if you're not familiar, go there immediately, she has a beautiful blog full of warmth and fun and lots of yummy recipes!) I share her love of cooking and cookbooks & reading about her 'addiction' (as she refers to it!) I was prompted to do a bit of a 'show and tell' so she can see she is not alone! - I could not imagine a house not filled with well-thumbed would be like living without the sun (which we have been for some time now here in the grey northern hemisphere)...sorry, I digress...I have loved books about cooking and all things food related for as long as I can remember & when I move house, I have to give serious consideration to where they will 'live'. They must be accessible at all times, to be consulted before a shopping trip, pored over when organising a supper or lunch, browsed over tea or coffee, perused in the bath, beside me with a notebook and a glass of something delicious or piled high on my bedside table....this is their official 'home' - on the kitchen dresser...

A closer view...

The middle 'section'!

The bit at the end.....

And the 'overspill' shelf - in the T.V room!

Ah, yes, I have these too - piles of folders with photo-copies of recipes from T.V programmes, friend's books, the net, & you see the one under the pink folder? That's the one I used to bring with me when we visited the U.K (filled with copies of all my favourite & appropriate recipes depending on the season) to be used when I didn't have access to my collection! (YES I SWEAR IT'S TRUE!!!) It usually had to go in the hand luggage as it was so heavy and attracted quite a few strange looks at the x-ray machines!

This little 'tomato' recipe notebook is from 'Paperchase' - they have lovely recipe folders also...I bought one with 'lemons' for my G.G when she was returning to Sydney and wrote all her favourites in it before she left....oh dear, am I starting another collection?

Hmmm....yes, more recipes....magazines this time.....

The shelves are filling up fast!

Whatever your passion....hope you get to indulge this weekend..........s


  1. Oh susie, I am still green with envy over your lovely red Aga, now, I am drooling over your cookery book collection.

  2. Susie..this just makes me smile! I love seeing all your books, I recognise quite a few on my own shelf, especially the aussie ones. We should all do a recipe swap. I can tell you that my favourite museli is from Bill's Sydney Food. There are a few others we love in that book as well. Now I don't feel so bad for dragging my cooking magazines half way around the world! My daughter picked out the asparagus cover of the same Paperchase cookbook and used that to write her favourites. I have Jane Brody too, and Donna Hay and more Marie Claire's than I care to count.
    I am enjoying all your Nigella suggestions. I just picked up 'How to be a Domestic Goddess' from the library today.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend doing all the things you love...
    Jeanne x

  3. Dear Susie, I just found your blog through Semi Expat in Oz and wanted to say I love it! Love your dresser- I have a lot of the same books. Your garden is divine.x

  4. Susie - knew you had a lovely lot of cookery books but did not know just how many!! Amazing - I will know just where to come if I need any recipe when I am back in UK next month!! Have a great weekend...- oh and DO go and see FF's blog above - I think you would LOVE it... S X

  5. Thanks Semi Expat! I'm so busy channeling Amanda Harlech that I can hardly think straight. Loving this blog and yours too. So many covetable things!xxx

  6. Susie ... I'm a bit like you. I also collect cooking books (not as many as you though!) and have folders of torn out recipes ... But I'm forever saying, "I dont know what to cook!"
    My husbands answer is ... "Well use those cookbooks you keep buying!"

    Have a great weekend.
    Btw, love the tulips on your window cill.

  7. Susie....point me to the nearest comfy chair, let's have a cuppa and pour over these books together. My husband was looking over my shoulder and couldn't believe how similar our bookshelves look! Except...who's Jane Brody? She has slipped under my radar. Hurrah! A new cook and their book to discover. The books I really want to read though are those lovely hand-written ones of yours. Thank you so much for sharing this Susie...such a happy post.

    I so love coming here. Meredy xo.

  8. ok, love the tulips and imagining the aga...but seriously,
    there is help for foodies like you.

    the first step is just admitting that you are a cookaholic,
    and it is all downhill after that.

    my daughter is one, too. we are planning an intervention
    ...after we sample a hundred more of her delicious

    love your blog and will be back!