Friday, 12 March 2010

On My Wish List this Weekend...

This morning, this plopped through my letter box & I have hardly been able to tear myself away from it! Thanks Sarah at semiexpat for telling me about this place - I have been a regular visitor ever since...their new catalogue contains yet more covetable, beautiful objects....Everything in their shops is displayed stylishly (as in the photos below) and basically, you could just turn up and completely furnish your house from top to bottom & then accessorise every room too - all in the one visit (should be you inclined...I have always found that a disastrous way of furnishing but have had no option when arriving on another continent sans EVERYTHING!! I have never had success that way...I have always regretted at least one of the hurried purchases later and wished I had had more time to think it through.)

This is not in the same league as Habitat or Ikea though (just in case your thoughts were wandering in that direction: catalogues, entire room displays)...far from it - think more along on the lines of the warehouse of a very exclusive (& sometimes very expensive) interior design company and you will be on the right track.

Whatever is on your weekend wish list, have a happy one.....s


  1. Catalogues like that just get the creative juices flowing, for me. I'm alway inspired to take the ideas and then use second hand finds to make them happen. I love the pillows that go with the bedspread in the second picture... I don't have anything like that in my house - what a fun fabric!

  2. Susie,
    Oh dear, oh no...these are the comment that ran thru my head when I read your post and saw those gorgeous pictures. HELLO...yes, yes, yes...must have this catalog. How did I miss this?? Does this country ever stop with all these wonderful stores? More importantly, will there be any more money left after I find all these stores. Sarah seems to hold the key to all these wonderful spots...she is a treasure, a gold mind! Now to add yet another site to my British Hit List!
    Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day Susie....
    Jeanne:) that burnt orange I detect in the bedroom?

  3. Oooooh! I have OKA-envy over here in Oz! But how gorgeous to see the pages from the catalogue here though Susie, like a virtual magazine - thank you so much and thanks for the mention too (and link) - you are so sweet. If you buy anything do show us - love it when the catalogue comes in UK - spend ages planning and plotting (generally wasting time I suppose but fun!).... Did you know that one of the owners/founders of OKA (there are 3 of them; all women) is leader of the Opposition David Cameron's mother?!

  4. Hi Susie,
    OKA has been one of my favourites for a long time now. My oak dining roon table and chairs are the ones in your picture (mine is the oak version) and I have had them some years now and I still love the.
    When I went to Saffron Walden (the town near me that I blogged about a while ago) I found, unfortunately for my bank balance, that they have opened an OKA there and, it's a large one !!!! OH DEAR !! I must try to be strong, Susie. At least looking at their catalogue isn't quite as dangerous as being in the shop !
    Enjoy your weekend Susie and your armchair shopping. XXXX

  5. Hi Susie
    Well I have seen quite a bit of OKA online and it just makes me envious we don't have it here!! Love all these images and good thing I can't get my hands on it or there would be some serious spending.. which would then require a move to house it all.. The chairs are on my wish list.. we can get them here via another source.. but wait.. I will wait!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment... always encouraging.. I may just take up your suggestion re quote... Cheers... have a fab weekend.. xxx Julie

  6. Susie, time to tweek the pencil again, you have won the 5-Diamond Award :)

  7. Susie,
    I love neutrals, so I think I'll just order every lovely item just presented for my viewing. Beautiful choices, I might add.

    PS You are such a treasure! Thanks for the sweet words you sent my way.

    Love and smiles,