Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A Lot on My Plate....

This was me today - well not exactly homemaker, more sandwich maker....I didn't have such a wide smile on my face and there was steam rising (not just from the AGA I might add).....

The L.A.B had a meeting at the M.H today which he sometimes does - on these days, I get up early and put on my 'corporate caterer' hat (it doesn't fit that well...!!) and off I go...(Good job I got lots of experience at the school canteen)...Shopping, chopping, cutting, slicing.....cucumber and cream cheese....

Trout & watercress quiche....easy peasy.....just line a flan tin with (ready made of course!) puff pastry...bake blind until golden and then tip in pieces of trout (or salmon), a chopped up bag of watercress, some dill, 4 eggs beaten with 300 ml double cream, salt & pepper...into the oven until golden and slightly risen...you're done & the lovely quiche-y aroma scents the house, welcoming the corporate visitors to the home of, if not a high-flying caterer, at least a domestic goddess.....!

More chopping, slicing, mixing & spreading - chicken, spring onion, celery & walnuts with mayo this time....

When I returned this afternoon, there were only empty plates so I think I might be roped in to do it again! I once had a vision of opening my own catering business but after several of these lunches requiring enough food for (only) 4, the very idea sends me into a cold sweat......sandwich anyone?.........s


  1. Mmmmm yes please Susie... it's breakfast time here and I could just do with one of those delicious looking cream cheese and cuc. sandwiches. Quiche looks fab. too! Lucky L.A.B. and colleagues!! x

  2. Susie...you did have a busy day today. I do not even want think about how you managed to lay out those sandwiches so perfectly. Their is an art to that...mine would be one big sloppy mess! The quiche looks delish and I love that you gave us the recipe. I announced tonight that we have to make alterations to our diet...mine is not going so well. I decided we would eat more fish...I think that quiche will be the first order of the day. Can't wait!

  3. Oh my. Susie, those sandwiches and quiche look mouthwateringly delicious. I don't doubt there wasn't any left over. You've snookered yourself though.....I'm sure all LAB's work colleagues will be demanding for more meetings at the M.H. after that effort! Meredy xo.

  4. Wow Susie,
    What a spread. Your L.A.B. is a lucky man.
    Your trout and watercress quiche looks delicious, as does everything else. There would definitely have been empty plates if I had been let loose on those delicacies !!
    You are definitely a domestic goddess of the highest degree. XXXX

  5. Mmm Susie, trout and watercress quiche, sounds delightful I will have to try the recipe and the sandwiches look very tasty, think you will be definitely roped in again.

  6. Susie!!!
    Holding out on us... That quiche looks delicious... I'd love a very large piece thank you!!! Perhaps one just to myself! I think you will have set an expectation now... LAB and his workmates will be expecting no less for future meetings... Good luck with that! xx Julie

  7. With that level of catering, they'll soon be concocting needless meetings. Would you be able to up the hospitality by providing readings from your blog as well? Comments and all. Soon the Mill House would have a fine briefcase & bloomsbury vibe. That quiche looks wonderful.