Monday, 11 January 2010

Thank you dear Jackie...

I am so thrilled to have been given this by the gorgeous Jackie @ home - which has been one of my very favourite places to visit since I discovered the 'other' world of blogging! If you haven't been following, please take a look - she does the most glorious posts which are innovative, sometimes very funny and always imaginative with superb images.....

I need to share with you all ten things which make me happy (only 10???!!) I hope you will forgive me if I postpone publishing my list as we are away for a few days - look forward to finishing this post as soon as we are back! Happy week everyone.........s


  1. Congratulations Susie...very well deserved!!

  2. Congratulations Susie
    Enjoy your time away... I am going to post on my lovely award your gave me... very soon... thanks again... xx Julie

  3. Dear Susie,
    Many thanks for the lovely words.I don't know if I deserve them, but I am very flattered. Don't worry about rushing to do the post. Do it in your own time. Thanks so much for my Kreativ Blogger Award. I'll do my 7 things you didn't know about me soon. I just thought that I'd leave it for a few days, as I just did the 101 things that make me happy !!
    Have a wonderful few days away and, I look forward to your return. XXXX

  4. HI Susie
    Thanks again for passing me this award... I'm quite thrilled that you thought of me... I've left a little something for you at my blog too... x Julie

  5. Hi Susie
    Just want to thank you for your kind words on my post. It is always nice to hear you are not the only one!
    Many thanks :)

  6. Hi Suzie. Hope you are having a wonderful time while you are away.
    Congradulations on award. Thank you again for naming me. I put your Photo on my post.


  7. Hi Susie
    I was looking for an email address for you to thank you for the stores you suggested. We are on the same wave length. Barbour is the first place I looked. Musto is new to me and it is perfect...I am off to Guilford this weekend. I could buy the store out! Great hunting boots ( no one has to know that I do not shoot or ride a horse) and lots of great ideas for coats. Many thanks! You and Sarah have come up with some great suggestions. Not sure if Mr. H will think so! Jeanne :)