Friday, 18 December 2009

Deck the halls...

Well, I haven't quite got to the hall yet - only the front door:

And the tree still looks like this:
I have the weekend to get organised before my G.G arrives very early on Tuesday morning (and she will be expecting some serious 'decking' to have been done....)!
Happy weekend everyone & especially if you are decking and decorating.........s


  1. Looks as if you had the same trouble as me with the tree, Susie.
    Your front door looks wonderful as, I'm sure the rest will, when you do it. I'm sure you can't wait for your daughter to arrive.
    Happy decorating. XXXX

  2. Am sure it will all be done and look exciting to be with GG on Tuesday - I bet you can't wait..And now I have a tear in my eye... - I recognise you are in Marlborough High Street outside Waitrose in the second photo! Sniff... having a big bought of home-sickness today!

  3. Susie...had to stop and read your post..I can relate on all fronts! I love your wreath...I am sure your home will look spectacular for the holidays. There is something about the fresh scent of pine needles, a bit of Christmas essence simmering on the stove and just the right Christmas music that makes it al magical and volia...your home is transcended! I am sure yours will be wonderful..just a feeling!! Sitting in Sydney lounge waiting for my son...having a quick peak...all the best..Jeannexo

  4. What a beautiful entrance to your home.

    I can relate to having 'expectations' from a daughter...I have two. They seem to remember home looking like a Christmas store. If I leave one little angel, ornament, snowman, or wreath in the attic, they want an explanation. I finally realized that one of the reasons they come home for holidays is for the memories. Those little things that I just don't have time, or take time, to get out of the storage boxes are the things that made their memories of home.

  5. The wreath on the front door looks good enough for me! Have fun with the rest of your decorating...I'm sure G.G. will just adore being home amongst family and warmth. Meredith xo.