Monday, 21 December 2009

Keeping things in perspective....

This morning we woke up to a dusting of snow, transforming the garden and surrounding countryside into a winter wonderland (as long as you don't have to go out and take the risk of breaking a limb negotiating the icy lanes!!)

The beautiful blue alliums I cut way back at the end of summer have been similarly transformed: Icy starbursts now adorning the tree and very beautiful they look too...

In the hall, the tree is brightly shining, a beacon of light and a scented reminder of Christmas past - every time I brush past and breathe in it's familiar evergreen pine aroma, I am instantly transported back to all those Decembers long ago....Images so sharp and yet blurred with the passing of years - a small puppy surrounded with empty gold chocolate wrappers stolen from the lower branches, a little boy with trembling chin surveying the catastrophe created when he tried to reach the shiniest star just out of reach...tree decorations secreted in pockets and brought home from Grandma's house & gaudily painted playdough shapes hung by chubby little fingers and admired with pride....

All these things deep in the Christmas memory bank & brought to mind as I hang lights & arrange things today in anticipation of my G.G's arrival at Heathrow very early tomorrow morning. I am anxious & a bit 'jittery' - wanting everything to be perfect when we drive back home, a reunited family for a while at least....She is en route from Sydney to Singapore as I write this and I cannot wait to see her lovely face coming towards me at terminal 3, arms outstretched for a long awaited hug....
At the same time she was checking in at Sydney airport, a dear friend of mine in Sydney was checking in for a very different journey - emergency surgery to be carried out tomorrow and with a hope that all will be well...It will involve a stay in intensive care over Christmas and then many weeks of recuperation in hospital and subsequently, at home....we spoke yesterday and reminded ourselves of conversations we had many times along the lines of 'Do the best you can and make the most of every day, you never know when your plans may be changed by circumstances not of your choosing.'
I don't mean to sound morose, but in this week of planning Christmas perfection, I will take some time to reflect on that thought & try not to dissolve into hysteria when things don't go exactly to plan...
Have a happy week and just do the best you can.........s


  1. What magical photographs of your garden and Christmas tree.
    It is lovely when your children arrive home after not seeing them for a while. My daughter went travelling for a year and we met her at Heathrow.....a year is a long time to not see one's child. At least we had our son in England when she was away. That was quite a few years ago now but I still remember waiting at the arrivals gate. She was the last one through !!!!
    I wouldn't worry about having EVERYTHING perfect. I actually think that it's impossible to do that.
    I'm sure your daughter will love everything. It all looks beautiful, Susie. Enjoy tomorrow. I will be thinking of you. XXXX

  2. Susie, I'm wondering if there is an icy nativity scene under that starburst! What a perfectly magical image. I hope that by the time you're reading this, your daughter is home, safe and sound and back in your arms. Have a very Merry Christmas indeed. Meredith xo.
    p.s. your tree is divine.

  3. Dear Susie - beautiful photographs and I also am so very happy that soon your darling GG will be with you - I know what that is going to be like at Heathrow... But equally also know what you must be feeling with your friend going to hospital - I have had the same situation also with a friend of mine in UK being ill for the last 6 months and battling on stoically... So you are so right we must keep things in perspective re : Christmas - you do the best you can and that will be absolutely good enough and be so thankful for our health... lots love xxxx

  4. What an awful blow for your friend Susie - here's hoping for a swift & full recovery for them. How wonderful to have your GG home for Christmas!
    Millie ^_^

  5. Susie,

    I absolutely adore the picture of your own little winter's so beautiful.
    I know it will be wonderful to have your family together for Christmas, and especially your daughter home...home will truly be home again for you and for her. Rita

  6. The little manias are also part the holidays I think. You want it perfect because you care. The photos of the trees are beautiful.
    Warmest regards,

  7. Hi There
    Just found you in my travels.. That is one of the loveliest trees I've seen. If you have lived in Australia you will know our Christmas trees aren't quite as shapely!

    Sorry to hear your friend is unwell.. but glad to hear you daughter is coming home. I'm going to follow you so I can find you again and look at that gorgeous banner photo more! Have a great Christmas . .. Julie

  8. Susie
    Great photo of your garden....magical. Your tree is lovely and it is so exciting to hear about your family coming together. It is a wonderful feeling. So sad to hear about your friend and you are so right that we have to make the most of everyday and be thankful for the times we have for the special people in our life. It is a gift. Best wishes to you and your family for a joyous Christmas.
    Jeanne :)