Saturday, 12 December 2009

Once upon a time.....

there was a kind, lovely aussie bloke who in the long gone days of yore (that means before the credit crunch) made all the wishes of his much loved missus come true by taking her for a special trip every Christmas to a far flung distant land (England) so that she could indulge her love of shopping in wonderful old London town:

The LAB and the MLM always stayed in these modest lodgings, close to the Royal Albert Hall, where he would thoughtfully book tickets for some Christmas entertainment he thought she might enjoy:

Upon their return, the LAB and the MLM would retire to their room (after a delicious supper) where a soft bed awaited, dressed beautifully with Frette linen:

In the bathroom, there was always a delicious assortment of products (to the delight of the MLM) and she would pour a generous amount of this elixir from the White Company into a deep bath - perfect after all that shopping! The MLM loved these products so much that she would secret the little bottles away into her luggage...

A few years later, the LAB and the MLM found themselves living in that far and distant land, (England) and when they went to check out their local city (Bath) the MLM was thrilled to see a window display she thought she recognised:

Could it be? The MLM was happy - she could visit any time she liked and buy gallons of the prized elixir! The LAB was happy - he didn't have to buy a plane ticket & they both lived happily ever after (so far anyway)..........s

( - Gorgeous, gorgeous - check it out....
( The range is called 'Flowers' - very uninspiring name and I wouldn't have even thought about buying it if it wasn't for the generosity of the housekeeper at said'll have to trust me here...


  1. Sold! I am going to seek out The White Company for sure. Great post Susie, I hope you are managing a bit of shopping in your favourite spots. Top photo is a dream come true!

  2. Oh how much do I love The White Company ? More than words can say.
    My daughter told me that she let her flat mates mum have her bedroom and she came home for a couple of nights. When she got back, the mum had left her 4 White Company candles to thank her. Just gorgeous Susie. XXXX

  3. I love a fairy story with such a happy ending Susie & all the better if that ending involves shopping!
    Millie ^_^

  4. The White Co,
    That is really something..
    Like it. Shop till you drop!!
    It's Christmas

    Yvonne from Maine