Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year Wishes.....

As another new year approaches I have a simple wish......(NOT a resolution, I find human resolve to be a fickle guest) ........ I quote Edgar A. Grant:
"Grant that I may bring no tear to any eye
When this new year in time shall end, let it be said I've been a friend
have lived and loved and laboured here.....
and made of it a happy year"

For all of you who have been so generous with your time, kind words and encouragement for this new girl on the block, I wish a year filled with robust health, peace in your heart, love in your home, joy in your world, friendship at your fingertips & a liberal sprinkling of dreams come true..................
HAPPY 2010..........!...........s


  1. What an Appropriate Post.
    The clock caught my eye.
    The words are powerful too.
    I am also a new girl on the block .
    Just started this year.My Daughter
    taught me what I know.
    Wish you a great year.


  2. I raise my glass to all the 'new girls' on the block. I am so glad we connected, and I look forward to the new year, following your post, and enjoying your thoughts and images.

  3. I'm so glad that I found your blog, Susie. I love your posts and always look forward to reading them and commenting .
    I wish you and your family many magical and happy times in 2010. With much love. XXXX

  4. Hi Susie
    A lovely post and beautiful words. A toast to all us 'new girls' on the block'..may we be blessed with our continued friendship and a wealth of new ideas for our posts in the coming year! Jeanne xo