Wednesday, 16 December 2009

'Twas the week before Christmas....

and all through the house, not a present is wrapped, a tree trimmed or a garland hung.....!
(Actually, not quite true, I did introduce the dried hydrangeas to their new home adorning the moss covered wreath ring & after I'd hung it on the front door, noticed that Sarah Raven says specifically to put it INSIDE).....
Am I the only one who seems to suffer from 'week before Christmas syndrome'? There descends a sudden and inexplicable 'fog' meaning I can't remember what I bought for whom, the day slips by without most of the things on my 'to do' list getting done, and worst of all, when I get to the shops it feels as if I've just stepped onto another planet....all reason departs and 'Christmas panic' sets in...
There's only one thing I can imagine at this time of year which could be worse than having 'Christmas syndrome' - and that's being a sales assistant whose particularly unfortunate lot it is to serve those of us who struggle in it's grip.....waiting patiently with an ever more fixated smile whilst we deliberate over the brown or the black....or was it the red or the green....?
So, I urge you all to spare a thought this week for the sales assistants who (on the whole) valiantly encourage and soothe the most frazzled Christmas shopper and still manage to muster a happy Christmas wish even after we have driven them to distraction and dragged them along to 'Indecision City' with us.....take heart girls, only 8 more shopping days to go........s


  1. Know exactly what you mean having had that feeling so many times - thankfully NOT this year as not much to do here in Oz with just the 2 of us! Have done one small sort of Australian style Christmas deco.... and will do (well put some white lights on!!) a small potted fir tree too! And helping out in a shop this Christmas I try to keep a smile on my face - I just start to get a little panicked when we get people who reply "Yes, but I am in a real hurry" to my question of "Would you like that gift wrapped?"....... Guaranteed to make me all fingers and thumbs (and they are standing over you watching you, mentally drumming their fingers) ;-) Ah well....

  2. Oh Susie,
    You have a kind heart, to remember sales assistants at this time of year. I think that you are right, They must go through it, as shoppers are really stressed and are not very nice to the poor sales assistants.
    Your wreath for the front door sounds similar to mine. Mine is made with hydrangeas, eucalyptus and gypsophilia. Great minds and all that !!. Try to enjoy the build up to the big day and, when feeling a little frazzled, do what I a bottle of red wine !! XXXX

  3. Oh, you make me laugh. I know exactly how you feel and can relate to the sales clerk from my department store days during college.

    I hope to purchase and wrap my last gift tomorrow, and then it's on to planning menus, shopping lists, and heading off to the market.

  4. OMG I have to start & finish all of mine tomorrow! Of course I did all the SA's a favour by knocking MOTH out this Christmas. The poor darlings who were subjected to him last year are all still out on Stress Leave!
    Millie ^_^