Thursday, 19 November 2009

Fact or Fiction?

Well I think the decision has been made - my G.G will arrive from Sydney on Christmas morning - quite a novel idea as I have never spent Christmas Day at Heathrow airport before but, what an amazing present!!
I shall now have to re-think the whole of the festive season as I had planned to be sipping cocktails at Balmoral Beach rather than engaging in the madness which envelops the nation just after 'fireworks night' and seemingly goes on until January....not only will I be missing out on the cocktails but also the pleasure (or pain) of choosing 'THE BOOK'...
About two weeks before the endurance test of a flight to Oz I can be found on a regular basis perusing the shelves of every bookstore within a 50 (OK maybe 20) mile radius as it is absolutely critical to have the right must be gripping but not too challenging (being easily distracted on aircraft), long enough to provide entertainment for up to two days but not cumbersome to carry, and above all, insightful and fascinating.....
Every time I do this (and there have been many occasions) I set out with the intention of immersing myself in some imaginative literary work (I even check out the new fiction lists in 'The Times' on a weekly basis) set in an evocative landscape...I pore over each book under consideration but I just can never find THE ONE..
I then move to the Non-Fiction section and, voila, a whole library of possibilities...biography, travel, food, homes, interiors....which to choose & eventually add to the shelves full I already own? Of the 120 or so books lining the shelves alongside my desk, only 10 are fiction (I know, I counted them)...
This conundrum maybe accounts for the appeal of the blog to a non-fiction lover? Every day, a whole raft of information is delivered to me directly, hassle-free and with no parking charges involved, to be dipped into at will - it's all about real people, with real lives, interests and passions - the perfect autobiography without the disappointment of turning the last page.


  1. How lovely that your daughter will arrive on Christmas Day. I find that rather exciting, Susie. Well, at least you won't have the problem of finding 'THAT BOOK' !! XXXX

  2. So I'm not the only one who suffers with The Book problem. I have spent many frantic hours in airport book shops trying desperately to find something decent to read for the long flight ahead. And no matter what I choose, it's never right and usually never gets read on the plane or off. My latest solution is to by lots of magazines in the weeks before and work my way through them on the flight. How fabulous to have your daughter join you for Christmas - I'd swap cocktails at Balmoral any day for a cold Christmas in the UK. Take care. Leigh