Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A northern winter ahead....time to bake & burrow (& blog perhaps...?)

I have been secretly enjoying some of the wonderful blogs out there for a while now....having been introduced via the lovely Vicki Archer at French Essence (thank you Vicki, you opened up a whole new world!) So....why not start one of my own...?
As the days get shorter & distinctly chilly, the first delivery of logs is stacked in the log store and the routines of a new season begin, it seems a good time.....funny - when I lived in the northern hemisphere before I never noticed all the beautiful colours of autumn, the crunchy leaves underfoot or the vibrant colours of the beech hedge turning from gold to amber....or bothered to collect the little jewelled berries growing so profusely in every lane to stash in the freezer and make pies or cakes on those long dark nights....
It's amazing how living on the other side of the world for years makes you appreciate what was on your doorstep if only you bothered to look....
Not that there weren't wondrous things on that doorstep too....the familiar smell of eucalyptus when the sun came out after a downpour; or the sight of a possum at dusk; the screeching of sulphur crested cockatoos as they stripped the blossoms outside the kitchen window -
All these things have contributed to bring me to this point - an appreciation for the 'now' and a curiosity for what might come after. It seems a good place to be a blog beginner .....s


  1. Wonderful!! And I told you I would be your first follower.. Beautiful photograph and lovely first post (now I am envious I am not staying longer for Autumn in UK!) - will be in touch soon.... Congratulations on taking the plunge.

  2. Hi Sarah - Thank you so much for being so encouraging and being the FIRST!! I didn't know the first thing about blogs a few months ago so it's great to have an 'experienced blogger' to refer to....! xx