Monday, 23 November 2009

White Stuff at the Weekend...

and it wasn't snow! Just torrential rain and grey drizzle....(see, I told you people in England are obsessed with the weather...) There were a few bright interludes though...this orchid has been in full bloom and looking gorgeous for weeks (maybe that's because it's cool in the corner of the hall it occupies). Every time I walk past it gives me pleasure - pure white and perfect...
In Bath yesterday, some of the windows caught my eye as they were dressed beautifully in my favourite about these belles ready for the ball?

and this little fur trimmed jacket would have been perfect for keeping out the 'neck-chill'.....

By the time I'd finished inspecting all the window displays, my half an hour trip had turned into all afternoon and I was ready for a lie-down with lacy legs and her sister...

who although not clad in white did get me thinking about those lacy tights...but that's another story....happy week everyone!


  1. Gorgeous orchid Susie.... and love the Bath windows too...! xx

  2. What interesting and imaginative window displays. That must have been fun. What a lovely table your orchid is sitting on.

  3. Hi Susie

    Now you're really making me envious - cool, rainy weather AND Bath shops. Sounds like the perfect day to me! Leigh

  4. Oh how I love Bath. My son sang at Bath Cathedral when he was young. He is now 30 and married and he won't thank me for telling you !! and my cousin lives in Bradford-on-Avon. Thanks so much for taking us on a window shopping trip of the shops in Bath, Susie. XXXX

  5. Hi Leigh & Jackie - I had to go again today and realised how many I missed - more coming soon.....x

  6. Love the photograps, the shopping looks great! I hope you bought something fun for yourself!