Friday, 6 November 2009

The Granary....

I stopped by here today:

It's a complex of very old barns around a central Tithe Barn built in the 14th century forming part of a medieval farmstead which once belonged to Shaftesbury Abbey. King Ethelred gave the Manor of Bradford to the Abbess of Shaftesbury in 1001 and it's now looked after by English Heritage....

Two of the small barns have now been converted into shops, collectively called The Granary....the ground floor houses toys, cards and jewellery and upstairs there are dressers and tables laden with china, glass and you walk up the stairs they usually have lanterns and candles burning which smell delicious... All the furniture is also for sale and they are happy to paint anything to your colour specification if you want to step away from the traditional pine...

The stock changes according to the season and is currently predominantly themed towards Christmas.....if I'm looking for a different greetings card or an unusual gift, this is my first stop..

One building is specifically for items for the garden and gardener - at this time of the year, it is magically transformed into an Aladdin's cave of seasonal goodies - every possible Christmas trimming you could's the sort of place where you could go back again and again and not notice the same things...there are trees of every height and shape groaning under the weight of decorations...but not for long, you have to be quick if you want the pick of the bunch.....

On a very cold, wet and misty autumn day this was a warm and inviting space to spend a little time...I don't usually manage to come away empty-handed but as I will be packing my suitcase again soon for a Sydney Christmas I was uncharacteristically restrained....s

The Granary*

Pound Lane, Bradford on Avon

*They also have a shop in Broad St, Bath

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  1. Looks wonderful Susie - I will definitely have to visit there next time I am back in UK... Somewhere I haven't heard about!!