Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Wild Life...!!!

I am due to leave for Sydney in two weeks but, RR having cancelled due to work commitments, I have now to decide - go alone and spend Christmas with my gorgeous girl (who is studying at Sydney University) or (try to persuade her to!) change her ticket. As I dither and deliberate, a walk seems like a good idea....so out of the front door, turn left at the end of the lane and onto the canal path.....

I took a few snaps en route - this wouldn't be such a bad place to hang out at Christmas would it?
There's even a pub at the end of the path - (those fish & chips and glasses of wine don't count when you have walked there and back again!!)

The only problem is - my G.G's idea of wild life and mine are somewhat different......s


  1. What an idylic part of the country you live in, Susie. Hope that you find a solution to your dilemma. XXXX

  2. Hi Susie... difficult one! Gorgeous scenery and our kind of 'wild life' even though not our girls'!!

  3. The tyranny of distance Susie... how I understand that, xv.

  4. Hi Susie

    It's 36C here at 6.00 pm and shows absolutely no sign of cooling down (what happened to the Southern Highlands guarantee of cool evenings regardless of the daytime temperature) and is forecast to continue well into next week. I am sooo envious of the photos of where you are - I can think of no greater pleasure than a walk by the canal in this gorgeous place. Leigh